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Dawn C. Chmielewski and Claudia Eller @ LA Times: Disney restyles 'Rapunzel' to appeal to boys
Disney is wringing the pink out of its princess movies.

After the less-than-fairy-tale results for its most recent animated release, "The Princess and the Frog," executives at the Burbank studio believe they know why the acclaimed movie came up short at the box office.

Brace yourself: Boys didn't want to see a movie with "princess" in the title.

This time, Disney is taking measures to ensure that doesn't happen again. The studio renamed its next animated film with the girl-centric name "Rapunzel" to the less gender-specific "Tangled."

Dawn C. Chmielewski and Claudia Eller @ LA Times Blogs: Disney wrings the pink out of 'Rapunzel'
Here's a longer version of the "Rapunzel" story that ran on the cover of the Los Angeles Times business section today.

[ profile] tsukino_akume: Because whenever Disney does something stupid, I MUST say something about it.

-Pauses to cough-

No, seriously. I'm actually not mad at Disney for being stupid. I expect that from them, because it's Disney. Point of fact, I have much experience with the stupidity that is Disney.

[ profile] unpleasant: I hope it lands on me.
Har Har. Various interwebs are having a whargarbl over the Rapunzel/"Tangled" movie Disney is working on. Now, I don't much give a shit about the ramifications of adding a more overt male character to the story. Within The Story Disney Wants To Tell, there seems plenty of justification for such a move. It's the same story with a less generic prince figure. Big Deal. Frankly, I don't much want to watch Any movie about Rapunzel that isn't in the vein of The Yellow Wallpaper.

It's the Non-Story reasoning for this move that incites my mean spiritedness.

[ profile] ivy_chan: in which i discuss sleeping beauty syndrome, chocolate, and disney's gender issues
Okay, douchebags. FUCK. YOU. You shut us out of every storyline that doesn't involve a fucking princess, and now you're shutting us out of fucking princesses? You misogynistic, ass-kissing, close-minded, patriarchal shitheads. It's not enough that every princess movie boils down the girl to a damsel in distress, but now you don't even want Rapunzel to be the central character in her own. Damn. FILM? Wow, Disney. You've really hit a new low. And yet, whenever girls complain about being excluded from traditionally male storylines, people go out of their way to make up excuses about that behavior. It's not meant for girls. Girls are being too sensitive. Girls should go somewhere else.

You know what? Fine. Then get the hell out of our sparkly princess sandbox if you can't handle the tiaras.

[ profile] nangke: Untitled [discusses the Rapunzel restyling OP would have liked to see]
I'm pretty sure that if I were a child, I'd be more easily tricked into watching Tangled than Rapunzel. Not that I was totally averse to girly things as a kid -- I eventually found girly things that appealed to me after the cool, boyish things went to my little brother. If we're talking about whether our parents would take us to a Rapunzel movie back when I was a kid, my opinion would be moot because Disney was the trusted brand. Now, with the brand in question*, I guess I could picture me being the swing voter between my sister and brother.

[ profile] meganbmoore: Sorry, my sparkly tiara crushed your fragile ego & caused you to lose all semblance of masculinity. | DW mirror
Funny how that half is the only half that anyone ever worries about alienating, isn't it? Like, can you imagine a press release or note from a publisher explaining why they rewrote stories to be more female-centric because they were worried woen/young girls would lose interest if it was too much about guys?

(The sad thing is that some of what they're saying about the storyline sounds fun, but knowing it comes from fear of too many girl cooties makes it lose its shine.)

[ profile] cereta: Icon does not reflect mood | DW mirror
I'm not sure I can even list everything wrong with that statement. I mean, let's start with, "Oh, no, not a movie for girls, the horror," and move to, "NO YOU FUCKING DON'T. YOU MAKE MOVIES FOR BOYS AND EXPECT GIRLS TO TAKE IT."

[ profile] the_sun_is_up: Those Meddling Executives
So Disney's upcoming movie, Rapuzel, has been retitled and revamped to appeal to boys (even though it's in post-production, wtf). Why?

Because girls are icky and films with female protagonists never make any money!

First of all, I think maybe Princess and the Frog did poorly at the box office not because of the icky vaginas, but because it was up against the HIGHEST GROSSING FILM OF ALL TIME. DURING A FINANCIAL RECESSION

Shannon Hale @ squeetusblog: Girls aren't funny and other life lessons
I wonder how many boys really refused to go see Princess and the Frog, or loudly protested, or claimed to hate it. I wonder if it doesn't go down that way at all. I wonder if instead we're to blame, we the mothers, we the parents. Are we predetermining what our sons will watch and enjoy? Preparing for a family movie night, do we look over the movies and decide that a "princess" movie won't please the boy child, so look for something else?

[ profile] pretzelcoatl: At least they didn't title it Badass Prince Saves Tower Chick [Warning: Problematic language regarding disability in comments]
It just kind of speaks for itself, really. Especially amusing because I heard that the whole movie was going to "be very Girl Power," and yet the article mentions how the worldly prince gets to fall in love with a naive princess. Somehow I don't think this will go according to plan.

[ profile] eska_rina: FAIL, DISNEY, FAIL
Everybody = boys. Right, we get it. The poor boys can only relate to men, while we girls can relate to everybody. WHATEVER.

sarahactually @ Sarah Actually: Movies about girls = for girls. Movies about boys = for everyone. Apparently.
No, what I can’t handle is the fact that they’re changing the name and the plot solely because they think no one wants to watch a movie about a girl. They’re changing it because they want boys to like it, assuming that the girls will just go along with it. If the girls don’t like it, they can go watch something else. If the boys don’t like it, WE MUST CHANGE IT SO THEY WILL. Despite the fact that… at the heart of it, it’s a princess story. About a girl.

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