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Amanda Palmer & Ableism #7

[ profile] gonzo21: [Untitled; on criticizing an artistic project before having consumed it] [Warning: Tangential to subject]
You know the thing that is genuinely bothering me about this whole Amanda Palmer business?

It's that all this fuss and argument blew up over a work of performance art that nobody has seen yet.

[ profile] mrvi: The Evelyn Twins: Or why we should *thank* AFP and Jason Webley [Warning: Problematic in comments]
It's all very well to say 'I wouldn't do that.' Maybe you wouldn't. Maybe you would. See, the thing about minority rights battles and the changes they make, is that they aim to change the society, not the individual. Because most don't *think*, they just go by their neighbours and their parents and their workmates.

While I don't think art has a 'right' to be offensive just for the sake of being offensive, moments like this make me smile and wonder how much of this horror is inculcated, and how much springs from honest knowledge of one's own ethical framework?

meloukhia @ wandering stars: Gee Amanda Palmer
You're interviewed on Australian national television and the best thing you can do is mock people who will never be given an opportunity to respond because they aren't nearly big or powerful enough to be invited on television?

lauredhel @ Hoyden about Town: Not Your Punchline, Amanda Palmer
If you missed this week’s Good News Week, or couldn’t see it because you’re not in Australia, here are the "disabled feminists" sledges aimed at FWD/Forward from Amanda Palmer, Des Bishop, and Paul McDermott.

[ profile] sharpest_rose: No more white knights [Warning: Problematic in comments]
So yeah, if you missed it, Amanda Palmer compares herself to Jesus; Good News Week compares disabled feminists to Osama bin Laden.

[ profile] ix_tab: In other news, I am physicially revulsed by this Amanda Palmer bullshit [Warning: Problematic language regarding gender]
I don't care how talented a person is, they are just a human being. I don't care how famous they are. Amanda Palmer has now removed herself in my and so many other's eyes as an ally, a voice, an inspiration. Instead she's part of the fucking miserable hate we struggle against.

[ profile] friend_of_tofu: Oh fuck you, Amanda Palmer
Compared to Jason Webley's much more considered and considerate response, AFP's attitude seems to be to laugh at all the squares who found something distasteful in her behaviour. They just don't get it, they're not ARTISTS like she is! Tchuh.

[The following link shifts focus from the ableist aspects to the problematic depictions of childhood sexual abuse in the Evelyn Evelyn project]

Patrick @ The Muse in the Room: Evelyn Evelyn Revisited Revisted
Art often times can skirt a fine line between beauty/creativity and offensive, where that line falls is completely up to the observer. For me personally I believe that the story being sold was outrageously believable that the extra details of molestation and rape were not needed. The other thing is that Palmer states that the twins "are EXTREMELY protective about their privacy." and what could be more private than the experience of being molested?

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Hey, linkspam mods, I think you should be covering the English-as-a-lingua-franca debate.

Here's two posts that have been on my own reading list, which are clearly part of a larger discussion:

(Disclaimer: I am in the twilight zone myself as my first language was not English, but I learnt it young enough to be considered a native speaker, and my secondary and tertiary education was entirely in English.)