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Julian @ gender, rants, and sodomy: broken hearted
As an artist I know what it is like to nurture an idea in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. But sometimes I can let my love of a project blind me to the nature of it— it is easy to let our love of our work (because our work is self at times) blind us to privileged and oppression. But we must not let this happen. If we fight against oppression (and AFP fights oppression, all the time) we must not choose and pick which oppressions to fight for. It is hypocritical and wrong to place one fight above another. We must fight ALL institutional privileged, because ALL institutional privilege affects every one of us. There is no "one" cause, or "one" fight that is more important because they are all so intricately connected and entwined.

Annaham @ FWD: Who Killed Civil Discourse? Evelyn Evelyn, Marginalization, and Internet Discussion
I'd like to take a moment to talk about some basic principles of anti-oppression activism and social justice work that intersect with the work we do here at FWD, as some very specific structural issues and contexts are absolutely relevant in this discussion. Often, marginalized people are encouraged and expected to be sensitive and accommodating to the attitudes and prejudices of the dominant culture and to those of less-marginalized (ie: more privileged) people. However, this sensitivity and accommodation usually does not run both ways. Marginalized people, if they criticize something that (for example) leaves them out or makes them feel awful, are often told that they are being overly sensitive or overemotional, that they just misunderstand intent, that they are exaggerating, or that their tone is not polite enough. They are then expected to modify their behavior — and their self-expression – to fit with the norms and values of those who are more privileged.

[personal profile] fizzyblogic: on the responses to the evelyn evelyn controversy
Curiously, I feel better because they "apologised". I never expected them to actually apologise — if they could acknowledge the real and lived pain of abuse survivors and people with disabilities, and the inherent offensiveness, oppressiveness and entirely-made-of-clichés nature of their project, they wouldn't be making it like this in the first place. I do actually feel a little better about the whole thing because I know that they heard us. They didn't listen, but they still heard us. Maybe something will worm its way through to their unconscious and they'll fail better next time.

Cynthia von Buhler @ The Shadowbox forums: Cynthia's Post About Evelyn Evelyn [OP is artist responsible for the album artwork and graphic novel of the Evelyn Evelyn project]
When I read the graphic novel I had a completely opposite view on all of the hot topics: porn, animal abuse, etc. It made me reflect on all of these issues. I never felt that anyone was being made fun of. We have been discussing all of this and we want you to know that the very last thing any of us want to do is hurt anyones feelings. These discussions are important. Please read the book when it comes out and I believe that you will see what I mean.

Vince Mascoli @ My Blog: My Response to the Evelyn Evelyn Controversy [OP created a music video for the Evelyn Evelyn project] [Warning: Problematic, and Tangential to subject]
I have read a little bit, and I'm frankly disappointed that no one is judging the album based on the album, since it hasn't even dropped yet. I agree with Amanda that it's about context. You have to hear the album to decide how you feel about it yourself. The ardent music fan in me is mad about the controversy, the animator/artist/business person in me is excited.

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