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[ profile] sinboy: Does being famous make it impossible for you to admit you were a jerk? [Warning: Problematic concepts in comments]
Being famous means never having to actually say you're sorry to real people (I'm sorry you were offended is not an apology). I think it's a disease famous people get. They become disconnected from reality and the fame pixies whisper in their ear that being important and famous gives them superpowers that make them invulnerable from consequences. Because art is more important than people.

[ profile] niamh_sage: [Untitled; discusses the various ways in which criticism of the Evelyn Evelyn project have been treated]
Most of all though, I'm really disheartened at the way Amanda has handled the criticism. I'm sure it must hurt like hell to have people point out what's wrong with your creative project on such a large scale, but I think it was wrong of her to dismiss or downright ignore the feedback she got. One or two people saying they don't like your project is one thing - maybe an artist can disregard that as differences of taste. Hundreds and hundreds of people complaining about a number of very specific issues, however, warrant serious consideration, a careful and thoughtful (and respectful) response, and perhaps even a re-thinking of the project itself.

[ profile] trinityva: "GOOD LORD! I'M FICTIONAL!"
I am very strongly pro-artist, and pro-artists exploring themes they want in ways that some people would decry. But I must admit that seeing it presented as if these were real people, with real stories of their own, only to discover that a nondisabled person made it all up, did make me angry. I don't know if I'm just a fool and it was always obvious that Evelyn Evelyn was just an act, a gimmick, but this makes me very unhappy.

sendaianonymous @ 梅雨眠中: Die, hipster scum, die! [Potential Trigger Warning: Contains mentions of childhood sexual abuse]
At this point, I should think, it was time to realise that something was wrong with ~*AFP*~ and not bloody 846 e-mails from disabled feminists? But, AFP had none of it! Not afraid of controversy and painful backlash, standing up to feminist bullies, only she had the courage to staunchly uphold the status quo by saying exactly what everybody was thinking anyway, namely, that one doesn’t have to care about disabled feminists.

Willow @ Seeking Avalon: SignalBoost Re: Evelyn Evelyn
I support FWD: Feminists With Disabilities over Amanda Palmer (& Fans).

[ profile] rozk: One of the reasons why I haven't comment [Warning: Problematic]

I've been scathing about the way various journalists have used being friends of Julie Bindel to avoid dealing with her transphobia - but the issue there is that she is proposing IN THE REAL WORLD that trans people be prevented from getting surgery and forced to have reparative therapy. And doing this in a context where other people are trying to bring such things about. There are rows to be had about eliminationist oppression of PWDs as there are of trans people; and there are practical day-to-day oppressions; and then there is art which appropriates experience and sometimes that is a problem and sometimes it is not.

Christopher S. Daley @The Pleonastic Rants of C.S. Daley: Amanda Palmer's Pile Of Pain [Warning: Tangential to subject]
I can't tell people how they should feel. Neither can Amanda Palmer. Your feelings are your own and they are powerful. I do not discount them. If her backstory offended you those feelings are real. However, I did not feel that way and it will always piss me off when people feel they have the right to speak for me. You think it was wrong but I don't. Who is right? Don't tell me how I should feel. Don't tell me I should be offended.

Christopher S. Daley @ The Pleonastic Rants of C.S. Daley: Amanda Palmer So Close You Can Touch Her [Warning: Tangential to subject]
There is an inherent danger with this kind of intimacy. It evokes an emotional response which I think is somewhat unrealistic. We think we know her and therefore develop expectations of how she should act or behave. One of the articles which has expressed disappointment in her and fanned the outrage was written by Annaham (I put a link to article at the end of this blog). I certainly don't begrudge her the right to have this feeling but I kept gravitating back to a few of her statements.

[ profile] ink_space: Stupid internet arguments [Warning: Tangential to subject]
Okay, so this giant blog argument exploded because Amanda Palmer collaborated with another musician on a fun, if somewhat dark, fictional concept album about a pair of conjoined twin sisters who were also musicians.

Somehow, this undertaking has offended THE ENTIRE WORRRRRLD with its supposed ignorance and how HIDEOUSLY OFFENSIVE it is to disabled people everywhere.

Say it with me: "Huhhhhhh?"

[ profile] qem_chibati: Humanity sucks, part 365.
Their blog stats have gone up by an extra 10,000 hits, all because of one particular post, and overwhelmingly the comments to that post are, they are shallow and bad people for hurting the feelings of an artist and that they should focus on more important things. Completely ignoring everything in the entire blog, that started in October 2009 and has almost 500 entries, but that post.

[ profile] klompen: On the Evelyn Evelyn Scandal
It's my opinion that both Jason and Amanda HAVE handled this quite badly.

[ profile] trinityva: Oh wow...
I'm trying to think of a way to describe why this is totally horrible. And the only thing I can think of to compare it to is minstrelsy because that's uh, well, what it is. I wish I could think of some way to avoid that, though, so people who think that was icky but this is art (which I'm not saying it isn't) will get it... but I can't.

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