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[personal profile] pearwaldorf: (no subject) [post is link to a Venn Diagram illustrating the Evelyn Evelyn project]
[Accessibility note: Entire post is a link to a Venn Diagram consisting of two overlapping circles. On the left is "ART" with a circle containing "Mona Lisa". On the right is "Things that are shocking" with a circle containing "Goatse". To the right but outside of the circle is the text "Amanda Palmer's stupid "edgy" bullshit".]
Noted without comment.

[ profile] impertinence: peddle your backs elsewhere, amanda palmer || DW mirror
You can actually harm someone without it being physical. You can contribute to problematic trends in society without going out and curbstomping a disabled person. If you are sitting there wondering if you've really harmed the people who are commenting on your project, aside from the ~drama in their heads~, you're doing it wrong. You need to consider if the drama in their heads is something you need to be listening to.

[ profile] bexless: dour
But you know what? I cannot express to you how much I would really rather have been wrong. And when I got that thought in my head, the 'hand-waving attitude' which had upset me so much seemed to make more sense. I started to read other people's posts on the subject, and that combined with the email conversations I had previously had, made me realise that it wasn't about people not caring about what Amanda was doing, it was about people desperately not wanting it to be true.

[ profile] globalfruitbat: In more positive news, the sun is out!
Just...make art, whatever, ok? And if you want, make art that is design to shock people and piss them off. But then don't go around all disingenuous and get mad/hurt/dismissive about the fact that people are shocked and pissed. Your art, however important it is to you, IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ACTUAL FEELINGS AND ACTUAL EXPERIENCES OF ACTUAL PEOPLE. YOUR experience is important, but your ART is not. And if your art is based on appropriating the experiences of others -- I have no time for that!

[ profile] electrizity: Amanda Palmer >:( :( ;__;
You may sometimes feel like an outsider, Amanda, but you have not lived these experiences and are not entitled to carelessly inhabit the bodies of those who have for fun and for show. It's easy to put on "crip drag" when you can step out of it the same night, when you really don't have to experience the systemic oppression of people who live those lives every day.

[ profile] gnimaerd: I love this version of the song SO much:
The disabled feminist activists are right - this IS a fuck up. People have real cause to be hurt and offended by the whole EvelynEvelyn schtick. And I love her, I do, but AFP's response seriously misses the point. She REALLY should have owned that people were hurt and apologised for hurting them; apoligising 'if people were offended' places all the responsibility on those who were hurt to begin with - basically implies that they were being over-sensitive - which is NOT a good way to sound sincere.

[ profile] alasbabylon: my good deed of the day
"here's what i consider hiding: producing inoffensive, corporate-penned, vanilla-bean love-story family-friendly made-for-mainstream-radio music that won't offend a single person. and won't make anybody laugh, won't make anybody think, won't make anybody wonder, won't make anybody talk, and won't change anybody's life."

amanda - that is exactly what you are doing with the evelyn evelyn project. trivializing abuse, glamorizing poverty, exotifying/objectifying disabled bodies, using 'freaks' for entertainment, generally turning real, fucked up things that real people experience into a, as you put it, 'lighthearted and joyful project', is exactly what the mainstream does. it's the same old cliche oppressive storyline.

[ profile] latin_doll: [Untitled; post discusses intent and differences in language used when apologizing]
I don't know if people realise there's a difference between saying "I'm sorry you're hurt by what I said" and "I'm sorry I said something hurtful to you". I mean, clearly there is a difference since only the latter conveys that the person apologising has any responsibility in the hurt that has been going on. But variations of the former (I'm sorry you're offended/ hurt, or the classic I'm sorry you feel this way), I feel, are so formulaic that I think some people have issued sincere apologies with that very wording in the past. (y'know, like, *steps on foot* "whoops, sorry if I hurt you" *removes foot* - "no prob :D")

[personal profile] the_future_modernes: stop me if you've gone through this one before
There are ethical and decent human beings who manage to create art that does not exploit the fuck out of other people. that shit is new and exciting and different. Breaking with the tradition of marginalizing and fucking over other people to look cool? That shit is original. Understanding that your gratification and glee does not trump the the cost of hurting the hell out of so many of your fans whose experiences you are belittling and fucking with? THAT is radical inclusive art.

[personal profile] trixie: okay, so, evelyn evelyn || LJ mirror
I don't think disability is something that should be off-limits to non-disabled artists. I think it is a useful and interesting metaphor and point of discussion when done right. But it has to be used thoughtfully, and respectfully, and re-tooling a very old story about conjoined twins, who have been abandoned, mistreated, abused, and isolated, until they were rescued by our heroes and given an opportunity to show the world their heartbreaking genius, is just neither of those things. Seriously? Dead mother, abandoned, sexually abused, sold to the circus? Is there any cliche we've missed here? Also, the weird childish voices they've been given in interviews and on their twitter, and the "quirks" like being afraid of beards, is just icky. This project could have been, or could be, interesting. But so far, all signs point to no.

[personal profile] trouble: On being Fragile
I have not been able to write a word since February 16th. I had a major assignment due today. It is not done, because I've been aware that people on the internet have decided that I don't care about important things, that I'm not really a disability rights activist, that I'm looking for something to be offended by, that I deserve to be raped, and killed, and that I'm being nothing but a meanie to Amanda Palmer, who has dismissed me and mine from the periphery of her mind.

[personal profile] gwenfrankenstien: (no subject) [post comments on amanda palmer's apology using a bingo card] || LJ mirror
So this morning, Amanda Palmer issued this formal apology. And, y'know, it's nice to see her actually acknowledge that people were offended, even if it is the biggest "I'm sorry you were offended" nonpology I've seen in a long time.

While some of the commenters have nice insightful things to say, the majority of them pissed me the fuck off all over again. To the point where I made a bingo card.

It really is therapeutic.

Huiwei @ 黑眼圈: This is not cool. Or edgy. Or artistic.
'Art' like this reduces these very real, marginalized people to something less than human, reinforces stereotypes about them as freaks, as The Other. They are used only as a cartoon, a caricature. It's ignorant and harmful. What makes my stomach churn are the implicit assumptions behind all this: 1) that people with disabilities are only worth that one single 'freak' quality, be it used for entertainment or use to create an image of a tortured artists; 2) your art is not good, or 'real' if you do not appear to be a suffering-insane-genius-prodigy-artist who shocks and offends people.

[ profile] moondarri: storm of shit [Warning: Problematic in comments]
so that is my stance: this thing feels not-right, & I Have Learned a lot about ableism & privilege. but. but. i want to ask some questions, maybe you guys can help. & i'm not asking these questions in a sarcastic, pointy-out way, but because i honestly want to know where lines are drawn in these situations.

[personal profile] lauredhel: priorities
So you...

[Discussion about activist website's hit counts in relation to subject of posts through a series of graphics.]

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