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[Potential Trigger Warning: This linkspam includes links which may contain mentions of and references to fictional descriptions of child sexual abuse.]

[ profile] stylish_bastard @ [ profile] sf_drama: Child porn + conjoined twins = super interesting punk cabaret, according to Amanda Palmer [Warning: Problematic concepts regarding ableism in comments]
[summary of situation with discussion in comments]

Sady @ Tiger Beatdown: AMANDA PALMER WANTS TO SHOCK YOU. Just Don't Get Upset About It, 'Kay?
She's trivializing childhood sexual abuse, by using it as a way to spice up what would otherwise be a still-pretty-ridiculous concept band; she's trivializing the way disabled people are marginalized, stared, mocked at, and defined as Other, which would appear to be the entire concept of the concept band; she's releasing a song "by conjoined twins," which is a cover, and which would appear to be "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

[ profile] the_willow: Important Point
Someone doing performance art about child sexual abuse they have not endured, which includes performance art on being disabled which they also have not experienced, hits me harder. Survivorship of child abuse is not something someone who hasn't experienced it should be doing performance art about. When you're going to discuss this topic, you do your damn homework. You consider who it'll hurt and who it'll harm and what misconceptions you might be putting out there that can end up convincing a child that all they have to do is be strong enough to survive it.

[ profile] ishyface: Who Broke Up With Amanda Palmer? (Spoiler: ME.)
Recognizing and confronting your own privilege is difficult, and it takes time, and it's always an evolving process. I'll probably wake up tomorrow and realize that something I did yesterday was fucked up, and I will feel ashamed of myself and mope about it for a little while and then make a committed effort to not do it again. Because that's how this shit works. You've got to learn as you go, and part of the learning process involves learning the many and varied ways you've been a dick to people who aren't like you. Sad but true.

Jason Webley @ Jason Blog: Blog #1 - Evelyn [OP is Amanda Palmer's partner for the Evelyn Evelyn project. Warning: Problematic concepts regarding transphobia, and problematic concepts regarding ableism in comments]
After thinking about this a lot, I accept that aspects of this project might be seen as insensitive. To be honest, I never really thought that this could be construed as making fun of people with disabilities. I had some fear that the few conjoined twins living in the world might find the project offensive. But I hoped this wouldn’t be the case, as I have nothing but respect for the remarkable people who have this very rare condition.

Annaham @ Ham.Blog: Imbroglio a Go-Go
Here's the thing: I attempted to be extremely careful about what I included in that post and how I wrote it. And yet, I keep having this nagging feeling that people either did not read or chose to ignore my numerous mentions of my affection for Palmer's music, preferring instead to go into all-out defense mode. As if the definition of being a fan is entirely dependent on not critiquing and/or not questioning things that you take issue with.

[ profile] hexkitten: Tired Rambling
To me, it reads as if he realizes that he and Amanda Palmer did something inappropriate, but they should be forgiven because they didn't foresee that it would be offensive to pretend to be conjoined twins who had been sexually exploited as children.

[ profile] katrin: [Untitled; recap of Twitter exchange with Amanda Palmer]
@amandapalmer Some people might be assholes, but thoughtful criticism isn't the same as hate and negativity.

[personal profile] fizzyblogic: on evelyn evelyn
I am a feminist; I am disabled; I am offended at the vast amounts of ablism in this project. It hurts to be dismissed, to be told that pain is inevitable. suffering is optional. — that it is my fault I am hurt by this. No. It is not.

[personal profile] bliumchik: appropriate icon is appropriate [Warning: Derailing in comments]
my reason for not wanting AFP to be doing this is identical to my reason for not being personally offended by it. I am not a conjoined twin or any kind of similarly physically disabled person. Neither is she. Maybe she's talked to enough of them to feel comfortable speaking for them - I have not and am not. Or maybe she just didn't think about it. Many people don't. It makes them thoughtless, not bad people.

[ profile] cozzybob: The Evelyn Evelyn Drama
After reading and looking through everything, I'm convinced that Amanda and Jason are the conjoined sisters, although that doesn't mean Evelyn Evelyn doesn't actually exist.

[ profile] cozzybob: More about the Evelyn Evelyn dramas.
Maybe the idea of Evelyn Evelyn really is inspiring to Amanda and Jason, and maybe they were trying to show that inspiration in a meaningful way. But so far, it's pretty tripe, not to mention a very bad idea. It seems like they could have looked for real conjoined sisters to help discover real struggling artists, and give back in their own success. But instead, everything is a media stunt, even her blog posts and twitterfests.

Dorian @ Dorianisms: This Amanda Palmer Thing (An Open Letter)
The death knell for me wasn't the ableism (although that was a huge blow). It was how you responded to criticism of the same.

[personal profile] lindra: disconnected thoughts on Amanda Palmer's latest fail
However, my defense of their right to their experiences, whatsoever that may be, does not extend to their objectification and appropriation of experiences and histories that are not their own. And these? Are not theirs. This is not theirs to create an ~entertaining & edgy~' concept.

This is not theirs to devalue, to make a show of, to wear a large dress together and sing as one head, to hide "Evelyn and Evelyn" away as fiction when their marginalisation of actual people with actual disabilities, actual histories of child porn, actual histories of circus mistreatment both past and present -- to say nothing of their marginalisation of people who count two or more of the above as identities -- is nothing but truth.

Amanda Palmer @ Amanda Palmer: evelyn evelyn drama drama [Warning: Problematic]
our intention with this record was NEVER to hurt. it was made in a spirit of real love and fun, and follows the story of two girls who had an extremely rough life and made a record album. our intention was not to piss people off, make fun of, or belittle anybody. that is not our style.

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I have a post with video of the Evelyn Evelyn performance and some interviews (text & video) with two sets of conjoined twin here on DW or mirrored on lj. One of the twins is a singer.
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