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[Potential Trigger Warning: This linkspam includes links which may contain mentions of and references to fictional descriptions of child sexual abuse.]

Amanda Palmer @ Amanda Palmer: the WHOLE story behind "Evelyn Evelyn" [Warning: Problematic concepts regarding ableism]
the press has recently announced the release of my new project with jason webley, "Evelyn Evelyn", a mysterious record created by two conjoined twin sisters from a small town near Seattle, WA.

Annaham @ FWD: Evelyn Evelyn: Ableism Ableism? [Warning: Problematic concepts regarding ableism in Comments]
The stereotypes about disability here are pretty well-worn: according to this (fictional) backstory, the twins were "discovered by" and need "help" from two abled individuals, Palmer and Webley, to realize their musical potential. Add to this their "inspiring" origin story -- which is fodder for a graphic novel tie-in -- and you've got yourself one hell of a three-ring circus of disability stereotypes.

[ profile] sharpest_rose: And fuck you too.
Anybody want a ticket to Amanda Palmer in Melbourne? She just tweeted setting aside 846 emails and removing the disabled feminists from her mental periphery, @amandapalmer sat down to plan her next record. and you know what, as a disabled feminist who was really offended by EvelynEvelyn as a concept, and tweeted repeatedly to tell her so, I'm just fucking done.

lauredhel @ FWD: "Saying conjoined twins are disabled is insulting!": Evelyn Evelyn, redux
How can people simultaneously look at this project as funny and edgy and worth paying money to stare at, while considering conjoined twins to be "not disabled"? Why are their bodies so hilarious, then? Why is it so funny when Palmer and Webley cripdrag-up in that modified dress? Why do they snigger and smirk as they talk about "the twins" and their tragic tale? They do this – you do this – because you do see these bodies as Other.

[ profile] fiction_theory: Just no, Amanda Palmer, just no.
I find it really ironic that Palmer seems to believe she is doing something edgy and artistic when she's really just recycling and spitting out the same old material society has been recycling re: disabled people for centuries. She's actually being about as cliche and trite as you can get before you start actively plagiarizing other folks. Does she think the "disabled folk who 'overcome' their disability with the help of able bodied folks, thus becoming an inspiration" story has never been done?

Smellen @ Order of the Gash: who killed Amanda Palmer? Soon, maybe it will be me.
The entire backstory, which you can read here, could pretty much be a point-by-point presentation on what I hate about people writing about “outsider art”/disabled folks. Awww, look at these naive, sheltered little things, who we rescued through a record deal! Be careful – like certain small animals, they’re spooked by cameras! Their talent was raw, and they needed us worldly folks to help them along! I lost count of the number of times Palmer tested my gag reflex with this tale.

[ profile] ix_tab: TALK ABOUT SHITTINESS
She's pretty much blotted her copybook with me. A) Don't be a jerk to my friends, Amanda Palmer. B) Don't be an ablist egdy try hard faffing about the sancity of art, whilst using motherfucking crip drag in your interpretive dance pieces or whatever.

[ profile] anarchicq: It’s ARTISTIC.
Amanda, do you know how prevalent sexual, physical and mental abuse is among disabled people? You should look it up. After you do that, maybe you won’t brush it aside as a footnote in a character’s back story.

[ profile] orchidee: Dear fantwits who are acting like... fantwits
Yes, I get that a lot of performance art is supposed to be shocking. The thing is, the theory is generally to shock one out of one's complacency and open one's eyes to something the rest of the world fails to recognize or takes for granted. I'm wondering what this is going to open my eyes to. Carny folk are way cool? I already like the dark carnival aesthetic, but I'll admit that it's based on a very unsavory tradition of exploitation and Otherism, and honestly, exoticising a very real disability just because it's good shorthand for your favorite aesthetic is both crass and lazy. That some people have shitty lives but manage to overcome that to make great art? I've seen that before, and often done in a less self-serving fashion. That, um, kiddie porn is bad, but not so bad that it can't be co-opted as part of an overly complicated backstory for yet another pretentious art project? No thanks, I'd rather not have my eyes opened that way.

[ profile] mrsfrankenstien: You don't have the guts to take the truth or consequences || mirrored at DW
But then the criticisms started showing up. And she decided that the best way to respond to critics was to laugh at them, ignore their concerns, treat them like there's something wrong with them for just not getting the ~~statement she was trying to make, blocking them. And that's when I got really angry.

[personal profile] amber: Amanda Palmer and the Evelyn Evelyn controversy.
IF Palmer & Webley ARE Evelyn Evelyn, and IF they do not eventually recognize, apologize for or examine the problematic nature of the project, THEN they are probably going to lose my financial support, though it doesn't invalidate their talent and I'm not going to judge people who don't choose to be concerned. (All right, maybe I'll judge them a little bit.)

But I'm still not convinced that there aren't a pair of real conjoined twins out there who are going to enjoy a crazy AFP-style tour experience! And I wish that people would step off before we have all the facts.

[Not directly related to the Amanda Palmer discussion but pertinent to general discussions of ableism]

[ profile] haddyr: Prettier bingo card
Are you writing an article that profiles or even tangentially involves a disabled person? Make it easy on yourself: string together these words and phrases with a few voyeuristic references to the person's body parts, and call it a day!

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Date: 2010-02-18 01:49 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] starlady
Jason Webley has started a blog in response to the discussion; this is his first entry.

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Date: 2010-02-18 02:03 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] annaham
I posted a follow-up this morning on my personal blog; if y'all want to add it, that is fine with me.


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