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[NOTE: Focus in this linkspam is on LBGT Issues that are tangential to the "gay men and slash" discussion.]

[ profile] logophilos: Ooh, numbers

A number of people have claimed that m/m authors – unlike those in slash fandom – are mostly straight women. It has also been claimed that such statements ignore the significant involvement of GLBT folk writing in the genre.
I have no bloody idea, personally. So I thought I’d do a little research.

[ profile] austrianschool: Appro Aggro and the Economics of Fandom Exchange
[ profile] wemyss: [Warning: Problematic, ableist and sexist language] A cross-post - well, link

In which I apply the sweet reason of economics, that soundest of guides, to the current meta-fury in which some gay men are denouncing slash and some women slashers are, apparently, saying that slash isn’t about gay men. Sigh. As it happens, it doesn’t matter who, if either, of these may or mayn’t be right – but read the piece. [quote from a link by the author]

[personal profile] elf: So-called self-identified bi women

Meta about sexual identity. Specifically, about bisexuality, which is being neatly shoved aside in some of the ongoing m/mfic vs slash discussions. All non-monosexualities are being ignored; they're too confusing for some of the polemics. And besides, there's so *few* of them, right? Plz to ignore the huge swarms of bi women writing & reading slash--because hey, they're maybe fake!

[personal profile] branchandroot:[Note: Comments closed to OP's circle] Life =/= bling

There was a booth in the dealer's room that had a big rainbow flag up behind it. Now, normally I'm pleased to see the flag wherever it's shown, but not in this case. Because that booth was sellingdoujinshi and appliqued across the flag was the acronym "YAOI".
That. That right there is the line getting crossed. Because yaoi doujinshi in very particular are not about celebrating diversity or about gay pride. The vast majority of yaoi is direly heteronormative and doesn't even make a pretense at representing the shape or variety of gay culture (either in Japan or anywhere else they may be set). Printing "yaoi" across a rainbow flag is one of the most stunning examples of not-getting-it that I've seen in a long while, and something I have no hesitation to call both disrespect and defacement.
The issues surrounding representation and who and how don't always lend themselves to simplification, but I think one point does boil down very consistently:
My life is not your bling.

[ profile] logophilos: The ’single story’ in m/m fiction

So, is that harmful? Yes – because gay men, GLBT people as a whole are not single stories. Yes, there are gay men who fit perfectly on the list above. Many do not. They are people of colour. They are people with disabilities. They are poor, they are working class, they are inexperienced, they have low literacy and education levels. They are old, and not beautiful. They suffer from homophobia and bigoted straight people’s discrimination every single day. And they are not American.
But Romance doesn’t find the old, the sick, the fumbling, the ‘ugly’ sexy or appealing. So Romance authors don’t write about them, and Romance readers don’t read stories which don’t exist.

[personal profile] firefly124: What is this, piss on everyone's self-identification week? [also discusses LJ genderfail]

Are there issues in slash with homophobia, cultural misappropriation, fetishization of gay men, and probably any number of other things I'm missing? Hell, yes, and these are things that absolutely should be discussed, as uncomfortable as those discussions often get. Deciding a large swath of the people involved either don't exist or are probably lying, however, only serves to derail the discussions that could be happening and to highlight another area of epic fail.

[personal profile] sqbr: Won't somebody think of the (mostly) straight girls?

And it's only with the recent discussions about sexuality in slash fandom and all the comments about "fandom bisexuals" that something really obvious struck me: they can't both be true at the same time. And what seems to happen in conversations that rely on these ideas is that they will both be in play: Anyone who claims to be bisexual and hasn't acted "lesbian enough" is straight. But anyone who's straight (an identity which has just been defined as containing a large potential for same sex attraction) is assumed to fit into neat little heteronormative boxes, as if the Kinsey scale jumps straight from 0 to 6 or maybe (if people are being very open minded) 3 with nobody in between

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii: Slashy MetaTwo for One [Part One deals with slash and gender, Part Two deals with discussions]

But the fail of one is not the fail of all, and condemning an entire community for the failure of a few. Trying to cover all of slash in a blanket of misogynistic fail because a percentage of slashers do fail will only cause knee-jerk reactions and argument-ending flounces. It's like saying, "This rice is brown, therefore all rice is brown." It's a classic logical fallacy. This goes both ways. That one slasher doesn't fail does not mean no slashers fail.

[personal profile] reflectedeve: say there's something better

While good female characters are a huge factor when I select media to consume, I still read much less fic about them. Maybe this is because they exist (if in deeply unsatisfactory numbers), while most of the "queer" couples I enjoy can be erased by my (sweet and totally unwitting) roommate just not seeing them. I am starving for stories of queer couples, and when it comes to readingfanfiction, a pairing's gender(s) often matters to me less (matters, but less) than its queerness.

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