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[personal profile] copracat: an exercise

I was following recent linkspammed and metafandommed discussions which led to a bit of googling on intersectionality. I read this quote:
Fellows and Razack (1998) believe that the very act of understanding intersectionality and “our complicity in the oppression of others” is a risk for oppressed groups.

"To acknowledge that we oppress other women not only feels like a risk: it is a risk. Our own claim for justice is likely to be undermined if we acknowledged the claims of Others, competing claims that would position us as dominant. The compelling reasons, then, why we race to innocence, have to do with how the systems of domination operate among subordinate groups, limiting both what we can know and feel and what we can risk acknowledging about each other and about ourselves."11

And I thought to myself how does that work? Can I bring myself to see the fail in something I love, that I would defend with unreasonable passion, that it would hurt me to admit failed?

[personal profile] phoebe_zeitgeist: Inquiring minds want to know.

It's hard to attach a snappy name to the latest round of appropriation/privilege/etc. discussion in the fan community; for all that I can identify a rough starting point, it's become a set of interlocking discussions that touch more than one issue. Nevertheless, it feels to me as though in nontrivial ways it's one giant discussion, with many branches to it.

[personal profile] quinfirefrorefiddle: [Warning: Ableist language in post] Talking to annoying people (and maybe just a little bit about them)

I've mentioned before that I worry about internet wank because it doesn't seem to allow for forgiveness. But I also worry about internet wank because it doesn't allow for time to grow.

[personal profile] wistfuljane: Act of Derailing

I bring the latter point up because I think that's the root problem of this trend to redefine the term derailing as it applies to -ism discourse... Not only does this redefining distresses me on an emotional level, in ways I can't express, but it also troubles me on an intellectual, I guess you could call it, level, because it's seeking to limit the usage of derailing in -ism discourse, to nullify its power. It's changing how derailing is viewed and making it about "what's relevant/interesting/useful/helpful to me/for me," from social activism discourse to a(n) (il)logical argument on the internet.

[personal profile] zvi: How is posting to my own journal derailing
Do you understand that your post in your journal about this tangent makes up a part of the larger imbroglio? Do you understand that people, in following the larger imbroglio, will re-direct their attention to your post, because you have positioned it as being a part of the larger discussion at hand? Do you understand that that focus pull is exactly what is being objected to as derailing?

[ profile] paradox_dragon: And, a good post on what constitutes derailing
I am thinking very hard about this in the wake of the homophobia in m/m fiction debate and my contributions to it.

[personal profile] mjules: One Reason Why Western [American?] Culture Makes These Conversations So Difficult

Individualism is the idea that everyone is responsible for their own life. It is the concept of being the master of one's own fate, of being the only person to bear responsibility for your own actions, of existing, as it were, in a social vacuum. This becomes a huge problem in discussions about social equality and oppression, mainly because these concepts are social. They are centered on structures and systems that are much larger than the individuals who participate in them.
One way of saying this is that the -isms (racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, etc.) are not, as we often perceive them to be, solely restricted to the feelings, thoughts, and behavior of individuals.

[personal profile] phoebe_zeitgeist: On derailing and complexity. Or one tiny corner thereof.

So [personal profile] wistfuljane and I have been demonstrating the phenomenon of two people separated by a common language in her journal for the past twelve hours or so; and I feel more than ordinarily like a space alien. I used words and all, but I'm fairly sure from Jane's reactions that I might as well have been speaking in the language of snakes for all the sense I made to her. Which would not be surprising, because I have only the dimmest notion even now of what she's been trying to tell me.
So rather than continue to speak, very carefully, in abstract terms, I thought it might be helpful to tell a story. I'm going to change a great many of the details for the sake of everyone's privacy, but in all the aspects that bear on the discussion here this story is true

[personal profile] zvi: Additional thoughts on mutually assured respect...

...or what constitutes not derailing.

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