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Chromatic Casting: Linkspam #3

[ profile] eumelia: The Doctor and his companions and Torchwood [image-heavy]
[chromatic casting of Doctor Who and Torchwood]

Cheryl Lynn @ Digital Femme: Chromatic static.
"This whole Chromatic Comics ish irritates me. Y'know, Marvel does have a whole boatload of POC characters. Stuff like that makes it seem like only the white ones are important and deserve focus. Y'know what would be nice? For POC characters to get the same promotion and devotion that white characters get so people don't have to think of POC actors they'd like in the "important" (white) characters' roles.
In other words, screw Batgirl and Jessica Jones. How about making Aquagirl and Misty Knight not suck? How about Jubilee getting some time to shine instead of shoving Emma Frost down my throat? It's not just about seeing POC faces. There are histories and myths that come along with POC characters that deserve to be heard. And it treats whiteness as some kind of blank slate that you can just pour color on."

David Brothers @ 4thLetter: Colorblind Casting School
This race thing isn’t as simple as a skin tone and nappy hair. That’s kiddie pool anthropology. That just reinforces the idea of white as the default, in that it ignores the rich culture that white people hold dear. It reinforces the idea that non-white characters don’t matter, because why would anyone cast Jubilee in a movie? Why would anyone go see a movie about Misty Knight or Luke Cage? Let’s flip Jean Grey and Cyclops to being Indian and Chinese and roll with that! Progress!
But hey, here’s a counterpoint: Spider-Man and X-Men didn’t start this burst of superhero movies in Hollywood. No, Wesley Snipes as Blade did that. Black hero with a black love interest and everything. And before the movies? Blade was lame. All he had going for him before the movie was awesome Gene Colan art and we got two great movies out of him and one awful one. ...Imagine what we could get for Aya. Or Jubilee. Or Dizzy. Or Loop. Or Misty. Or Luke. (Or Hypno Hustler.)

[personal profile] dhobikikutti: Chromatic Casting Master Post
I haven't seen this anywhere yet, and linkspam has a tag but the links are mixed in with other stuff, so I figure I'll just gather them all here. It might take me a while to update links as I find/am pointed towards them, but I'll try to track down everything eventually. She splits them into Comics, Movies, TV Series and Books

[ profile] cajun_chick411 Because I actually find it impossible to resist a meme, even in brief...Chromatic Casting Batman [image-heavy][Post is locked]
Because I actually find it impossible to resist a meme, even in brief...

[personal profile] brightfame: Chromatic casting
I've been enjoying the chromatic recasting meme, but I have a request. I'm not sufficiently picspam-savvy to do it myself, so all you guys out there with the pretty pics, could you cast (not re-cast, cast as was originally intended):
A Wizard of Earthsea (and more on that here)
Anansi Boys
Any other suggestions for books with PoC characters that should be made into films, and made right?

[personal profile] wistfuljane: Chromatic Casting: Firefly/Serenity [image-heavy]
Here's my cast of the Firefly crew:

[ profile] handyhunter tl;dr in defense of chromatic (re)casting
[personal profile] crossedwires: tl;dr in defense of chromatic (re)casting [DW mirror]
Chromatic casting is a 'What If', an acknowledgement that the world isn't monochrome, that 'important' stories aren't just about white people. It wasn't meant to suggest that stories of characters of colour aren't important or that race is negligible (or that every story has to have every POC ever). I like to think of it as a starting off point or, hell, even a patch between deliberate racial unawareness and being racially aware, to show how we are more alike than different, or to tell the varied stories of being a POC, where maybe it's about the job first, rather than race.

[ profile] xenokattz: Thoughts on yaoi is SO 1999
Here’s what I found exciting about the meme:
1) It STARTED (capslock so very intentional) to challenge the "default white" paradigm of many, not all, North American/European SF/F/comic scene.
2) The pretty
3) It STARTED (again capslock so very intentional) a lot of conversation about exactly what WOULD change if Character X was Nationality Y.
4) The novelty of seeing well-known characters portrayed with a shift, whether that’s gender or nationality/ethnicity

[personal profile] plazmah: Chromatic memery! [image-heavy]
There's this meme going around where you replace white actors with actors of colour in various fandoms that don't have much diversity. I hadn't been familiar with any of the fandoms until I came across [ profile] entwashian's recasting of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Loved it! Wanted to do one myself! But... I couldn't think of a fandom. Then [personal profile] dhobikikutti mentioned recasting the Star Wars universe in Bollywood style and I simply COULD NOT RESIST! :DDDD
So here it is, Star Wars Bollywood-ishstyle! Let's divide this shit up.

[personal profile] such_heights: chromatic casting: the hp remix [image-heavy]
[chromatic casting of Harry Potter]

[personal profile] toujours_nigel: Iliad, Bollywood-ishtyle [image-heavy]
[chromatic casting of the Iliad]

[profile] dhobikukutti: Chromatic Chronicles of Narnia [image-heavy]
[chromatic casting for Chronicles of Narnia]

Arturo R. García @ Racialicious: Picture This... Chromatic Comics Remixes Your Fandom [image-heavy]
My friends at Fantastic Fangirls turned me on to the Chromatic Comics meme that went around LiveJournal, Dreamwidth and similar blog sites. Simply put: a number of bloggers re-cast various fandoms with all-POC casts. Below are a few notable examples with links attached.

[ profile] sugargroupie: Picspam: Chromatic Farscape [image-heavy]
[chromatic casting of Farscape]

[ profile] kernezelda: Chromatic Farscape [image-heavy]
[chromatic casting of Farscape]

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