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[personal profile] stoneself: dear msm,
i did a few particular things in most of what i wrote wrt m/m:
- i focused on the harm to msm
- i didn't give an inch anywhere. i could have, but i didn't want to give anyone an inch and have them take a mile.
what i did is problematic.

[personal profile] logophilos: [Warning: Straight Privilege] My internal narrator is a gay man.
Yes, I might be a typical victim of the kyriarchy, and suffering from internalised sexism, and as such, reinforcing that in myself is probably not good. But even thinking about writing from a female POV for a sustained period bores me and makes me rather stressed, and it’s not stress I can cope with or need. It certainly won’t make writing enjoyable. If I want to write in my natural voice, and have my narrators fall in love and have sex, then they are going to be gay or bisexual men.

[ profile] sprat: [Warning for Comments: Straight Privilege] Stupid on the internet
Relatedly, this kind of thing is why I don't a hundred percent buy the recent wave of objections from gay guys about how slash is appropriative; I'd be a lot more willing to consider their arguments -- some of which actually seem pretty valid, to be honest -- if they didn't all seem to come hand in hand with misogynist bullshit like this. I mean, does slash make you uncomfortable because it sometimes misrepresents you or trivializes the real challenges in your lives by turning them into angst-driving plot points that are resolved too easily by a healing cock at the end of the fic? Or is it because being written about by a bunch of fat chicks on the internet makes you somehow feel less cool?

[ profile] sparkindarkness: And in the “Oh you did not?!” files
It seems that author, S. J. Pennington (ohhh, lookie there, an initialled name to hide gender. And they have scrupulously avoided any use of any kind of gendered pronoun. I dearly dearly hope this person is genderqueer and doesn‘t identify as either gender because the language they have used on their website is grossly appropriative if not and even a little dubious if they are) has decided that they know how to be gay better than... Adam Lambert. An actual gay man.

[personal profile] mjules: One last bit of explanation
I know a lot of people have been sort of floundering into The Tone Argument unsuspectingly with regards to this "appropriation in slash" discussion. A lot of people keep asking why they're getting shouted at for asking queer people not to shout about their problems with this. My homework reading tonight (in the Privilege, Power, and Difference book by Allan Johnson that I mentioned in my earlier post) spoke very poignantly to this, and I thought I'd include an excerpt here.

[ profile] logophilos: Oh look, the straight woman is speaking again. Quick, make her stop.
Looking back at my original post about m/m, I could have disentangled those issues better.
Whether gay men enjoy what I write, is irrelevant to me if my intended audience is not gay men.
Whether the gay sex is accurate is irrelevant to me if I am writing fantasy, or my intended audience won’t care or notice, or I don’t care about accuracy (issues of harmful misinformation excepted, naturally).
Whether or not I am appropriating gay sexuality is very relevant regardless of audience and genre, and is a consideration which must not be ignored.

[ profile] logophilos: [Warning: Oppression Olympics] One of these days I'll stop talking about this, I promise. Really.
So it seems the voice in my head isn’t really a gay man after all.
She’s just a very angry woman sick of dealing with male privilege.

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