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[ profile] lyssie: The more things change.... ALL OF THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE.
Step 5. Post about how you have calmed down and maybe examined your privilege, and how you're sorry people who don't like gays exist in the world. Go off about how boyslash is helping to narrow the gap in fiction and how no one is straight (least of all, hot white dudes). Make sure to throw in lots of words like 'heteronormative' and 'cis-gendered' so your audience thinks you're deep and smart. Remember not to mention femslash or the idea that m/m fic excludes women.

[ profile] rahirah: A Modest Proposal
In re: the latest "Why don't we write more female characters?" (where 'we' = 'm/m slashers,' because m/m slashers, after all, comprise the only really important segment of fandom) debate, I have a very simple solution:
Write more female characters.

[personal profile] brightfame: We are the stories we tell ... and read
First off, this is NOT a post about appropriation and representation in fanfic. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't somewhat inspired by recent fandom rumblings, but it's something that's been in my head for a little while now... I do wonder whether certain stories are more palatable to some cultures and subcultures than others, and whether the reasons behind that are benign, neutral, or pernicious. Examination of one's literary tastes, both as an individual and as a part of a community, is never a bad thing.

[ profile] carmarthen: Some spiffy communities in light of recent discussions

[As indicated by title, post links to queer and/or female-centric communities]

[personal profile] carolyn_claire: Okay, now I'm getting annoyed.

A sweeping accusation like sexism in slash fandom, even if it's just an "I wonder", needs data to support it, and that data comes through discussion as well as observation. Is it a disturbing trend, or is it just your preference? Are the motives of the people performing the behavior sexist, or are they valid? Is the trend really a problem, or even a trend? And if it is, how should it be addressed? By whom? These are all valid and important follow-up questions that are generated on opinions like this being expressed, and they should be. And they will be. Don't duck them; participate. This isn't all academic, and you don't get to be disinterested or distant; these are the feelings and preferences and characters of the people who are your fannish neighbors and friends. That's the can of worms you're opening up by expressing your concerns. Be ready to deal with it.

[ profile] bana05: [Warning for Comments: Straight Privilege] Black Women, Slash, Fandom, and Canon (Long Meta Is Long)

How often are black women ever set up as someone we should care about in and of themselves (outside of the occasionally rare biopic)—especially if the target audience extends beyond black people/people of color (PoC)? Even in material targeted to black/PoC audiences, black women are rarely given her own goals and motivations unless the story is targeted to black women/PoC (which occurs even less frequently). And in those black women–driven stories, she’s either far, far down on her luck (and man rescues her) or so high up in status that she’s all alone (and then a man brings her back to earth, but that’s another meta/rant).

[Gender related posts not directly responding to the gender in slash discussion]

[personal profile] coffeeandink: [Warning for Comments: Sexism] Summary of recent discussions of manga in the comments of a mainstream comics blog

GUY #1: Manga critics are much too nice and praise substandard work. Naturally, I feel no need to provide any evidence of this contention. Maybe it is because of all the girls.

[ profile] kalpurna: [Warning: Derails from racism in historical AUs to focus on gender] and then they get married!!!

ETA: This post is a response only to the first few paragraphs of Zvi's post, because I largely agree with the latter half, which contains her real point. This is tangential to that.
1. The element of the slash-is-offensive-to-gay-men argument that says it is problematic to resolve serious systemic discrimination with a healing cock is not taking into account the fact that that is something the romance genre does as a matter of course. It is routine in romance for a guy's dick to solve problems caused by misogyny, namely the problems of denying women's sexuality and desire and agency. This is explicit in the genre.

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DW mirror of my communities post, with links in the comments to some fandom-specific communities:


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