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Post contains multiple topics relating to different Race discussions in fandom:

N. K. Jemisin @ Epiphany: Why I Think RaceFail Was The Bestest Thing Evar for SFF
So here’s what I think. RaceFail was a good thing. In fact, I think it was a necessary thing — not just for me and other writers/fans of color, but for the SFF field as a whole... The way I see it, RaceFail was the big thaw for the SFF field. Fans of color, and white fans who were tired of the old ways, literally heated things up with an outpouring of long-pent rage. That fury was utterly necessary, because it shocked the whole genre enough to make it pay attention.

yeloson @ Deeper in the Game: From Geekdom to Freedom
As much as I’d like to simply attribute the changes to the discussions getting through to people, I think there’s a second, more powerful force at hand. That during these discussions, there’s been a lot of networking among POC – developing groups, organizing, and even publishing houses.

[personal profile] deepad: The Cost of Engaging
So this post is about some measure of bookkeeping. An accounting of the costs of engagement, and who is paying that price. A tally of the scars I have seen on my friends, as they fling their brown and black bodies back into the fray.

Star Trek and Race Linkspam #1
[ profile] ankhesen_mie: [Warning for comments only: Well moderated but white privilege does occur in comments] Quiz to Test if You Have Latent Racial Issues with S/U [Spock/Uhura]
This is a hot topic. The debate is intense. I don't say that in challenge. I'm saying that in warning.
WARNING: This is my journal. I am the OP. Get the slightest 'tude with me and you will simply be banned.
WARNING: Know your Trek lore before you comment. If you aren't familiar with the entire Star Trek franchise, this is way out of your league. That being said, this is not an open discussion on all things Trek--long discussions which deviate from the core topic will be deleted to make way for others.

Latoya Peterson @ Racialicious: Is Star Trek Exposing Your Latent Racial Issues?
Blogger Ankhesen Mié has been watching the debate on fan forums about the Trek reboot (specifically the Spock-Uhura relationship) and decided to create a quiz around some of the most common sentiments.

recumbentgoat @ debunkingwhite: Quiz for Latent Racists (Star Trek-related)
[Repost of quiz with extensive discussion in comments.]

[ profile] ankhesen_mie: [Warning: Discussion of rape] Why Don't Black Girls "Count"?
When analyzing Uhura "et al", you also have to have academic knowledge of racial theory and history in America. Black female characters since the 1960s were often kept out of relationships on film and TV to perpuate the black female undesirability and lack of overall femininity idea. The justification was they were "too classy" to date, and were "so strong" that they didn't need a man--hence our supposed lack of femininity.

Chromatic Casting Linkspam #3
[personal profile] muccamukk:Danny Rand and Race
Okay, so week or so back, someone posted an article about how Will Smith might play Captain America in the new movie. (note, the original article is written by someone who admittedly dislikes Steve, and has apparently read none of his comics, but the comments are interesting).
This led to a Marvel chromatic casting picspam meme.
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this.

[personal profile] gavagai: tab-clearing time
I don't know whether a quote-unquote post-racial Cap movie, where the fact that he was played by a non-white (all the meta I've seen has specifically related to an African-American portrayal, which is perhaps lacking but I am totally not qualified to go into that one) actor was irrelevant to the script and vision, is doable or a good idea - it could be done with a lot of other Marvel characters, but idk, ideas of nationality and race and power seem so built into the idea of CA in any incarnation that I can't see how you could shed them.

[personal profile] gavagai: Chromatic casting: The West Wing [image-heavy]
In the wake of my post the other day (LJ/DW) and the better part of a week after everyone else, I saw this beautiful and spot-on picspam of a recast Buffy (Oh, Willow! Oh, Tara! Oh, Anya and her little bunny hat.) and was inspired to do on for my lovely and very whitewashed fandom. With limited regard for gender or political realities, because frankly otherwise what's the fun.
I would watch this show. Though as usual most of the talent I can think of is tragically British-and-North American.

Sigrid @ Fantastic Fangirls: Chromatic Comics [image-heavy]
A meme went around LiveJournal recently, one that is deserving of wider attention. It started out as “Chromatic Marvel,” but in the nature of these things, it expanded and grew.

[personal profile] katarin: I can hoist a jack and I can lay a track. I can pick and shovel too! [image-heavy]
MAN! I have so much to say but I just deleted ALL of it because instead of making this entry, I spent the entire day doing that Chromatic Character Comics Recast for DC. This isn't everyone but [personal profile] impertinence and I have been IMing each other all day and losing our shit over all these great people.

[ profile] poisonivory: Chromatic DC [image-heavy]
So lately a bunch of awesome, brilliant people have been casting various fictional universes with actors of color. Fantastic Fangirls has an awesome writeup of the meme here. I thought this was super cool, so I demanded [ profile] karenhealey help me do it with the DCU! (All the best ideas are hers.)

Historical AUs and Race Linkspam #2
[personal profile] wistfuljane: I dreamed that linkspam labeled one of my posts as derailing and showing white privilege
But anyway. metafandom tells me that 2010 has (briefly) moved on to the "talking about -ism will not make -ism go away" portion of -ism discourse (brought to you by essentially the same people). So hey, I had all these thoughts about race, but had thought it was too soon to bring another topic about race into my journal space. Now though, it seems like the perfect time. (Okay, that's a lie. I'm still debating if this is a conversation I want to have right now or ever, but.)

Implicit Erasure
[ profile] shweta_narayan: [Warning for comments only: White Privilege] in 1815; that is, ten or twenty years before any one had learned to read Sanskrit
Guys, could we talk about implicit erasure?
I've been putting off a post on it since Mythcon last year because, well, my thoughts on it are not coherent beyond "this bothers me". But it keeps coming up, so, hm, maybe incoherent thoughts could start a conversation. It's one I think we need to have.

S.J. Tucker Song
enegim @ arisia: [Warning: Problematic] atmospheres and attitudes
I don't mean this to be a personal attack on the singer, who is probably a well-meaning lady who envisioned an amusing anthropomorphism and perhaps a provocative subversion of some sort, and who may even be young enough to be unaware that--quite aside from the numerous stereotypes embodied in the song--"coon" is all by itself a highly-charged term, adding an absolutely unmistakable and inescapable flavor of racism to the piece.

[ profile] karnythia: Untitled [Post discusses response to Tucker Song]
popelizbet called me to share this stupid bullshit. Dear well meaning white people...sometimes a song about a raccoon is really a song about a raccoon. Now, learn to shut the fuck up and listen instead of projecting your skeevy race issues all over other people's work.

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