Mar. 13th, 2010

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[ profile] bowieelfmanfan: This is going too far. [Warning: Tangential to subject]
Now, I know people are going to say "alright, they got angry, but the way AFP handled it wasn't good." I have to agree - I thought she could have handled it better. However, she has a life, and she has every right to block out what they might be saying for the moment and focus on her work. We've all had moments where we've had to block out criticism and go on with work. I don't think that we should judge someone for doing the same thing. She addressed the problem in her blog (in this entry to be exact), and people still jumped down her throat saying that it wasn't good enough. Look, she apologized, obviously she doesn't want to offend anyone, but she understands the drama that makes a good story.

[ profile] modillian: [Untitled; discusses OP's disappointment with Amanda Palmer]
I mean, yes, I am pissed off that someone who I had formerly respected and gushed over must now be eliminated from my fandom and from my sphere of enjoyment, and I am even more pissed off that she's being such an ignorant ignorerer, and now she's been mocking "disabled feminists" on TV, and just, uuuugh. I am still so shocked that she thinks she can just brush aside all these people, who I'd thought she'd claimed as her people.

Ally @ Every Crooked Step Forward: Well, There Goes That Plan
When you pretend to be a cliche of a disability, you are not doing it to be avant-garde. You are not doing it to make a statement about us. You are not doing it because you find it 'creative' or 'interesting.' You are doing it for the freak factor. You further the idea that the best we can ask for is that it will one day be okay to be a freak, when what you could be doing, is standing next to us in support as we explain to the world that we were never freaks to begin with.

[The following link shifts focus from the ableist aspects to the problematic handling of class in the Evelyn Evelyn project]

[personal profile] aquaeri: Amanda Palmer's quest for world alienation
But AFP decided to include a whole new slew of people in her next round of offensiveness, just so I and many others wouldn't feel left out, I guess. I don't know the name for the kind of -ism where city people have denigrating stereotypes about farmers, but that's the one where I feel like she's taking aim at me and my family.

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