Feb. 19th, 2010

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stuff white people do made a post awhile ago titled offer white apologetics (instead of just apologizing). The subject is not new, but it hit a chord with me when I was at a stage where I felt like I had to apologize for my words and feelings.

So let's talk about the fallout of my post on Act of Derailing, okay? Here are some of the things I feel like I need to apologize for...

But there are no need to apologize to me for...

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it isn't that there isn't a point to what you are saying.

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I left the contexts in my Act of Derailing post unexplained and expanded a little on them in the Let's make this post about me post but I need to let it out:

There have always been attempts at dictating anti-oppression discourse by those in a higher privilege status and changing or dismissing terms to fit their needs than those in a lower privilege status (e.g. men with feminism discourse, white people with racism discourse, etc. etc.). I posted Act of Derailing as a reaction to what I saw as the same type of actions if different circumstances (as in much of the same level of privilege, but different marginalized groups) - or rather applying terms of intersectionality discourse to general or specific -ism discourse, making, to borrow someone's description, an universal rule for all -ism discourse.

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Yes, sometimes you just like what you like, and policing your desires into fairness is no fun. Fair enough. And I can't see into the inside of your own personal head, so I can't tell if a particular individual has bigoted motives. But don't expect me to believe fandom as a whole is not shaped by bigotry.

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