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[personal profile] havocthecat: Female characters in relation to slash fandom
Sometimes having it all laid out there by someone who's actually in boyslash fandom is pretty damn disheartening.

[personal profile] tielan: on female characters "not being good enough" for main male characters
I want to address the main-male, main-female, secondary-male "triangle" that tends to form a pattern in fandoms.

[ profile] elfinblaze: On female characters in fanfic
Like her, before I discovered fandom I only wrote female characters, and while I can thank fandom for teaching me how to write decent male characters, I think it's time to stop writing all these stories featuring men and focus on the female characters I love. Because there are so many, and I don't write about them nearly enough.

[personal profile] zvi: What is this, I don't even
I don't doubt that bookshop is accurately reporting her experience, but that's not the slash fandom, not the Dreamwidth circle or LJ flist, that makes up my experience of fandom. Just sayin'.

[ profile] bookshop: 1. Subtext. 2. Fandom misogyny. 3. coverfail.
[Post covers three different topics as noted above]

[personal profile] musesfool: it's all how you use it
It never fails to amaze me that we place female characters in such an awful catch-22.

[personal profile] such_heights: help, help, I'm being erased!
*facepalm* Okay, look. I am both queer and female, and you know what's not okay? Implying that one of those things is more important than the other and should more strongly dictate my reading and writing habits.
Intersectionality: it's a thing.

[personal profile] havocthecat: Misogyny is wrong
I mean, jeez. I don't get upset about misogyny in fandom whether it's avoidable or not anyway, guys. I get mad about misogyny in fandom because MISOGYNY IS WRONG. Whether I can avoid it or not, whether I can structure my fannish experience to mostly avoid it (because avoiding it entirely in fandom involves not being in fandom, period), it's still wrong. And it should be called out when it happens.

[ profile] alestar: women in slash
I support bookshop's* suggestion that writers of fanfic be more studious in their attention to female characters. Not writing het doesn't make you a misogynist (nor does it suggest that you have a deep-seated fear of vaginal intercourse, for fuck's sake), and writing f/f as your penance for preferring m/m is not a solution; but there are other ways to present female characters as full, functional members of yourfanon world: even your hot dude kissing fanon world.

[ profile] sheafrotherdon: A Little Word - On stories, harm, and erasure
There is one, and only one, way to be sure that the stories we write aren't doing harm – checking our privilege.
I can only speak to my own definition of that work: thinking critically about the intersection of race, class, gender, sexuality, religious belief,neurotypicality , physical identity, education, language use, and inherited cultural structures in my life. (This is not meant to be a definitive, finite list of things that are important – if you have additions, please let me know and I'll happily add them!)

[personal profile] laughingrat: Too tired for meta? Surely you jest.
I really want to read this post linked in [community profile] linkspam about slash as women's self-erasure, because it sort of parallels some shit I said about slash back in the day (back in the day three months ago) about how women* may just be using slash** as a way of exploring sexual relationships*** between partners with equal social status, or at least between partners who have to deal with incredibly little demeaning sexist bullshit, which leaves the writer and reader free to explore, you know, actual love, or power dynamics, or class, or race, or Hawt Smexins , without having the all-pervasive smelly dead-skunk spectre of Patriarchy all up in the mix, because believe you me, that fucks up enough relationships in the real world**** without it intruding all up into ourfic, too.

[personal profile] cimorene: on feminism & queerness, women and slash, m/m vs female characters
Fandom thrives on community. It requires a lot more to be active in a small one, without the promise of a reliable audience. And fandoms grow exponentially, so the less there is the more it stagnates, while the more excitement builds, the easier it is to share enthusiasm with other fans, and the more creativity blossoms.
There are two ways to interpret all this: that our choices as queer feminists participating in our own erasure by devoting our time to m/m slash make logical sense, or that we're doing this to ourselves. Both are true.

[ profile] miera_c: My mind to me a kingdom is - The list of excuses for debunking
OK I want to compile a list of the excuses we hear so often when the subject of female characters & their presence comes up. I figure, if the list of the most commonly used ones is out there with each excuse debunked, it will help them lose their power.
Here's what I have so far, please add more in the comments:

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