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[ profile] spiralsheep: [Warning: Problematic] In which our heroine allows a minor rantette about fan fiction to escape into the wild
The "well, it's exactly like male drag queens appropriating and transforming aspects of femininity" explanation? NO, NO IT'S NOT.
What it's like is when two heterosexual women (let's not CARE if they self identify as "queer" or not cos that's rly not even remotely relevant to this issue) discuss a gay man using the phrase "what a waste" as if the sexual aspects of gay men's lives being for other gay men rather than for heterosexual women is in some way a lesser way of being.
NEVER pull that shit in my space, m'kay?!

[ profile] spiralsheep: [Expands on previous post] In which the personal is political, and the political is... made of chocolate?

1. There still appear to be a few people who are having difficulty with the conceptual model of privilege/disprivilege that I used in my previous post about m/m fiction....
1a. I don't think people can successfully tackle complex issues of intersectionality until they have grasped the underlaying simple model of privilege/disprivilege.
1b. I rly was talking specifically about m/m fiction and the simplified theoretical foundation for building a more complex privilege/disprivilege model.

[ profile] mothwing: You can't write in a vacuum
During the last days I sometimes got the feeling that the people discussing this on my journal as well as on herongale 's and lordhellebore 's are operating with different concepts in mind, and this is a very short and simplified round-up post of concepts that were addressed in the discussion as well as a summary of what seem to be the major positions people seemed to have. If there are any other concepts that you feel are enlightening to this discussion, bring them on.

[personal profile] ms_katonic: Mercifully... [1/22/10 4PM EST: Post now locked]
And in other fannish news, metafandom has lately been documenting a kerfuffle regarding some gay male fans complaining about straight women hijacking their sexuality to write slash. I personally wouldn't know - nearly all the slashers I know are bi or gay themselves. And up came this post detailing various polls done over the years regarding the sexuality of fans, and there consistently seems to be a large segment of queer fen responding. So less sexual appropriation and more celebrating a shared culture then.
This of course calls for a poll.

[Related to the issue of women writing slash but shifting focus to erasure of women in slash]

[ profile] bookshop: The flip side. ("Pickering, why can't a woman be more like a man?")
And it's true. Slash fandom en masse has a terribly troubling attitude towards women in fandom. We dismiss all the women, nearly all of the time. OR, which bothers me even more (not least because I'm guilty of doing it), we'll go, oh, I LOVE Female character X, she's so awesome! - and then we'll all hasten to reassure ourselves that we LOVE her, we LOVE our female characters! And then we'll never do anything with them. We'll keep politely shunting them off to one side, because of course saying we love them makes it okay!

[personal profile] miera_c: Thoughts on slash
Because I study media channels and the media landscape, I've been highly troubled by something about slash fic in relation to media production and consumption. I've reached a point where I feel that women writing about male characters, even nominally straight male characters in a homosexual relationship, is a way we are participating in our own erasure.

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