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[ profile] eumelia: This Is Never Going To End, Is It?
I've read the latest metafandom and linkspam and once again, I'm seeing cluelessness, carelessness, privilege and more identity erasure.
Stop it. Just, stop.

[ profile] ithiliana: The Male Gaze (relating to but not exactly connected to the Slash Authorship Imbroglio)
It is possible to argue (as Spiralsheep does here) that the heternormative power relationship in (for purposes of my discussion US culture though I do not speak for her culture) a culture is so powerful in privileging "heterosexual women" over "gay men" that the fact that individual queer women might attempt to subvert it (through, say, the writing of slash) does not mean they don't also enforce the dominant paradigm....
However, it can also be argued as the research below seems to start to show, that in the patriarchal culture, the privileging of "men" over "women" is so dominant that individual gay men within that culture might not be able to subvert the dominant paradigm, despite their intent.

[ profile] xie_xie_xie: Switch hitters: Lesbians write gay male erotica, and gay men write lesbian erotica
So, I was talking with a multi-fandom flister this evening about the Great Slash Debate that's roaring through Greater Fandom right now, and as I read her explanation to someone else who had asked about the different genres of erotica -- gay male erotica by gay men for gay men, m/m erotic romance by women for women, etc. etc. -- I suddenly remembered a book I read way back in 1996.
It's a book called "Switch Hitters," a collection of gay male erotica written by lesbians and lesbian erotica written by gay men.

[personal profile] linaelyn: [Warning: Derailing] There's this thing going on in slash fandom
Some days, the boxes that we try to stuff sexuality into boggle me and I despair of ever having a word for who I am and what fits for me. But yeah, Genderqueer is just the beginning of how I don't fit in boxes.
Maybe we could throw away all this business with stuffing folks into boxes and just say, "Hey, let's write some fun stuff!" and then each story could be judged on the merits of its content and style... and not on the gender or orientation of the person holding the pen, typing on the keyboard, or simply spinning a yarn around the metaphorical campfire offandom.

[ profile] spiderstars: The Road Thus Far, The Queer Experience, & Writing The Other
Because I know most of my f-list doesn’t really follow metafandom... The entire debate has become somewhat muddled, mired in fuzzy terminology and defensiveness from all sides. I am going to try to give a breakdown, as far as my understanding goes, here. Corrections and clarifications are more than welcome.

[ profile] ssquirrel_fic: Meta
I do get the criticisms from queer identified men of slash, of course I do. There's too much focus on 'coming out', stereotypically feminine interaction and the sex only rarely reflects reality (the serious lack of lubrication never fails to concern me!). But, and this is a big but, it is only fiction. And I'm not saying that as if it will excuse me from my duty to accurately portrayLBGTQ issues, because it doesn't. I'm saying it is 'only' fiction with a nod to the fact that it is created. By somebody who probably doesn't have the same world view as you do.

[ profile] edenfalling: Warning for Comments only: Privilege] you know, not all slash is actually about sex
Anyway, for me, slash has nothing to do with exploring my own sexuality, or acting out my sexuality through male proxies, or playing around in drag, or whatever new analogies people are coming up with. It has very little to do with sex, honestly. (The same goes forhet and femslash and poly and whatever else people get up to by way of sexual/romantic relationships.) I am interested in character as displayed through relationships, and relationships an an influence on characters and actions; it is all about being human in community with other humans. Sex/romance/love just happens to be a convenient way to explore emotional and social connections, sometimes -- though generally speaking, even when I write actual sex scenes, they are not the point of the story.

[ profile] trobadora: Captain Jack Harkness is not gay
Repeat after me: Captain Jack Harkness is not straight, Captain Jack Harkness is not gay. Sexuality isn't a simple binary. And your current relationship does not your sexual identity define. In the immortal words of the Doctor, STOP IT.
Stop using him as the poster boy of gayness. Stop appropriating one of the very, very few non-monosexual heroes we have.
Stop the bloody bisexual erasure already. ETA: And pan-/omnisexual erasure, all in one go. /ETA

[ profile] ithiliana: First Post on Fethisizing (expect MOAR)
In my first responses to the m/m debates, I steered clear of the claims about m/m fiction and/or m/m slash exhibiting fetishization... So, after much tl;dr (am I really avoiding work, yes, I am), here's my first thoughts on the issue of THE FETISH.

[ profile] paradox_dragon: Queer Lit 50 Challenge
So, in the wake of much discussion about queer writers, readers, and representation, I have started queerlit50, a comm designed to encourage more reading and sharing of books by queer authors. It's modeled on the awesome 50books_poc challenge. Y'all are all welcome to come on over and join and post, etc. If you'd like to spread the word, it would be much appreciated.

[ profile] zahrawithaz: More than 50 books by Queer People of Color
This is for glinda, who is excited about queerlit50 but has expressed frustration because it's too much to handle alongside the very wonderful 50books_poc (which was the 2nd comm's inspiration). She asked for recommendations for books by queer people of color.
I thought, I'm sure I can come up with 50 books by LGBT people of color. So I did.

[personal profile] fizzyblogic: in which i talk a lot (often in parentheses)
I'm a man. I identify as queer, and refer to myself as gay, because it is quicker than detailing the facets of my orientation... The only horse I have in thisstaight slashers vs gay men debate is that I need slash, I need fanfiction , and I need LGBT fiction. I can look over at my bookshelves and know that every novel there with a queer main character was one I had to seek outspecifically as queer fiction, or was specifically labelled as queer fiction if shelved with general fiction... But I need more than that. I don't just want to read about queer people being queer; I need to read about queer people living their lives, and also being queer. I need to read about queer doctors, astronauts, leaders, workers, kings, subjects... But there is fandom. There is slash fandom, both m/m and f/f, and that is a place I know I can find what I need.

[ profile] paradox_dragon: Queer women, the slash debate, and the question of internalized oppression
The debate about slash and m/m fiction has brought up issues of internalized oppression.
Specifically, the assertion that queer folks who are excusing the harm being done to queer men by slash are exhibiting internalized oppression. And that this internalized oppression is then being used by straight slashers and m/m fiction writers to justify themselves...
Honestly, I am really hesitant to have this discussion in front of or with straight people. I wish I could somehow queerlock this post. I am choosing not to, but I ask you, if you are straight, to proceed with extreme caution if you decide to comment here.

[personal profile] mjules: OH NO YOU DIDN'T
Okay, so when I posted earlier about straight authors and their privilege? I NEVER EXPECTED IT TO GO THIS FAR...
And this one took it a step further.
This one dared to tell a real live gay man that he was doing gay wrong.

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I found this post to be a helpful summary of positions as well as academic terminology used in the debate:


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