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[ profile] ithiliana: "It's how I see relationships"
I am seeing a lot of jumbling together of a lot of different ideas and arguments.
I am also struggling with a great deal of outrage at how bisexual women, queer women, and (showing how my own privilege works), how people who do not identify as a man or a woman, are being ignored, erased, left out, made invisible in these posts; it is also true that in the majority of the posts I've seen, nobody's identified as any ethnicity which means odds are most of them are default white.

[ profile] ashteth: [Untitled; discussion of relationship between reality and fantasy and presence of bi women in fandom]
So, there's some big(ish) fandom bruhaha over on metafandom (plus ca change?). Everyone is getting their anti-"privilege" knickers in a twist. Over slash this time (or m/m fiction if you prefer).
And some of it i understand; this article is nailing its particular colours to the mast so hard Jesus winced, and its colours are OMG SILLY WOMEN PRETEND TO BE MEN AND WRITE PORN ABOUT MEN. ITS LIKE THEY THINK THEY’RE PEOPLE. HAHAHAHA.
(YMMV, obvs.)

[ profile] xtricks: Should (straight/lesbian/etc) women be 'allowed' to write slash?
Like many gay men, there are times when 'slash' makes me uncomfortable. I'm even more uncomfortable with the recent flood of m/m profic. Which is very awkward because I write slash. I read slash. I write for a slash audience – meaning (mostly) straight women – and many of them are my fannish friends. In addition, I don't consume much in the way of 'traditional' gay porn, though x-tube is slowly changing that for me. So, saying slash makes me uncomfortable at times sounds to me pretty hypocritical.

[personal profile] kaz Some words are rather unpleasant to read in this context...
Also, current slash debate is making me unhappy where my sexual orientation is. Partially due to the double erasure of asexuals (once when the debate gets turned into straight women vs. gay men, second time when people start going "hey, what about the LGB women?" or "And there are straight and bi men who write slash too!"), but hey, old hat, I'm used to being ignored. Buuut when I read a comment by a gay man complaining about how gay relationships get portrayed as sexless - and hey, I *get* that this is frustrating and inaccurate and a stereotype, I understand that this trend is problematic and that he has a right to be angry about it, and I'm terrified that talking about this is some version of the tone argument but *damnit* when he uses words like "neutered", I-
I actually felt sick typing that. This is not a word I like thinking about in conjunction with me and mine.

[personal profile] bluflamingo: [Untitled; discussion of gay and bi women in fandom]
Also: gay and bi women do exist, and we do write slash fic, male and female, and it wouldn't kill all the gay men who seem to be complaining about slash fic to remember that once in a while, because the more they don't, the more I'm disinclined to bother to listen to what they have to say, since I don't like being invisible, and I don't like being told off by someone who doesn't seem like they've got all the facts before they started.

[personal profile] sparkindarkness: Some more poking of the m/m genre
How many times does it have to be said that just because you are a marginalised person doesn’t mean you have a right to stomp all over other marginalised people? The fact that straight men have been exploiting and fetishising women since year dot does NOT justify women fetishising gay men. Just because they did it to you doesn’t mean it’s hunky dory you doing it to us.

[ profile] zephyrprince: 1 Gay & Fannish Perspective:

I'm always pretty interested when these moments of debate between female-dominated slash&yaoi fandom and gay dudez (sometimes authors of gay male-centered fiction, sometimes just random peeps from what I can gather) erupt because I really have a foot in both camps.

[personal profile] fairestcat: The Invisible Slasher:
There's an interesting conversation going on right now about women wrihting m/m fiction and appropriation and othering and the suppression of women's sexuality and intersectionality of oppressions, which I don't even remotely have the time to participate in right now. I've been following along loosely though, and something jumped out at me in this discussion that I run into again and again and again: the marginalisation and dismissal of LGBTQ members of fandom, both female and male.

[ profile] joyful_molly: Meta: as I've said it before, I'll keep this one short:
m/m =/= porn.
It can. But it doesn't have to.

[This post talks about Femslash: related to larger discussion but not responding directly to other posts]

[personal profile] havocthecat: Femslash, and why it's awesome.:
[Discussion thread on issue of men writing femslash]

I don't know, it's not that I don't care or consider these issues important. I just. Commenting is going to take some reading and mulling over everything.
But. Instead? While I mull that stuff? Can we talk about femslash today? (And also [ profile] femslash_today.) Why do we write femslash? What kind of femslash is awesome? FAVORITE FEMSLASH PAIRINGS. Favorite femslash kinks! What fandoms do you wish had a bigger femslash presence? (All of them.)

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