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I don't think this really deserves an entry of its own, but it has been brought to my attention that the Powers That Be at Realms of Fantasy have been posting to Facebook and dismissing not only my entire post about the women-only issue, but all argument about it anywhere because I also mentioned email submissions. (I believe I am the only person to mention email submissions, in the context of other debates RoF might want to respond to editorially.)

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People publish their friends; people solicit stories from their friends. People mention to their friends what they're looking for, and remind them of deadlines. And when the editors are male, their author-friends will be, too. So I don't really have a lot of faith in the knee-jerk response of "but there were no women to choose from!" Because it implies that reaching out to women authors is necessary to get women interested, or something, instead of necessary to counterbalance the existing outreach that is directed only to men, except that it's called networking, not male outreach.

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[ profile] jonquil: On Writing (same post as above -- different site, different comments)
Which brings me to the case of Realms of Fantasy's submission invitation. To a writer, there's a genuine difference between "girl writers", "lady writers", "women writers", and "female writers". Talking about that difference is talking about the heart of writing. It's not a digression.

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All-Women Contributors versus Women-Themed Issue: I think the latter would have gotten a better reception, if been a little trickier to pull off well. Don't you think a fantasy story about Madam Curie written by a man would be potentially feminist and well within theme? And perhaps better to feature a story like that than a story written by a woman where a boy comes of age by joining the Dragon Corps? (Not that I wouldn't want to read both.)

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