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[personal profile] hl is an Argentinian woman in her early twenties; she has been a member of online fandom for about five or six years now, and is multifannish. She's supposedly a student (biology), though she doesn't actually do much studying. She's white, lower-middle class, momentarily able-bodied, cis-gendered, and considers herself vaguely culturally jewish. Her interest in anti-oppression work began with learning about race online, and has extended to intersectionality.

[personal profile] inkstone ([ profile] blackmagie) is a 30-year-old Filipino-American cisgendered woman whose family immigrated to the US when she was a toddler. She's also middle-class, able-bodied, thin, and has a history with eating disordered behavior. Offline, she works in applied scientific research while her online fannish activities revolve around mostly anime, manga, and the SFF and YA book genres. When it comes to anti-oppression work, her personal interests lay with race and gender but her main focus is intersectionality of all types.

[personal profile] ithiliana ([ profile] ithiliana) is a 54 years old, white, middle-class, cisgendered, queer woman who is a U.S. Citizen. She is a solitary animistic pagan. She was active in Trek fandom during the late 1970s, in APA fandom during the 1980s, GAFIATED, then came back to LOTR fandom in 2003. She has been fat most of adult life and has cyclical biochemical depression. She is an aca-fan who does scholarship on fan studies (as well as on more traditional literary topics and does fan meta on gender and race oppression. She is interested in intersectionality and is currently educating herself on trans and ableist issues.

[personal profile] kaz is a German cis woman in her twenties who has been a member of online fandom for about eight years and has a secret double life as a maths PhD student in the UK. Her user name on Livejournal is [ profile] kazaera. She is white, middle-class, thin, and an atheist from a Christian cultural background. On the sexuality side of things, she is aromantic-tending-homoromantic asexual and identifies as queer. She also has Asperger's, stutters, has difficulties with anxiety and depression and considers herself disabled. Her main interest in anti-oppression is disability rights, especially its intersection with feminism and/or asexuality, but she does her best to be an ally for issues she is not personally affected by.

[personal profile] naraht ([ profile] emily_shore) is a cisgendered white American woman in her late twenties. Her involvement in linkspamming started with MammothFail and she hasn't yet managed to stop. Unschooled in the US and then educated to doctoral level in the UK, she is a historian of gender, education and the family. She is currently able-bodied, thin, straight, and middle-class. Raised in several Christian denominations, she identifies as a Greek Orthodox agnostic. Her interests include feminism (with all of its flaws), children's rights, religious issues and, on an academic rather than personal level, the phenomenon of modern antisemitism.

[More bios may be forthcoming.]


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