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Thanks for commenting. A "not_linked" tag on Delicious doesn't mean that a post will never be linked; it's just a marker that we use to let our compilers know whether a particular post has been added to a linkspam yet or not. Not everything that ends up in our Delicious account does get linked eventually (we keep an eye on some discussions to see whether they pass a critical threshold or not) but most things do.

If there is a delay in linking a particular post that has already been added to Delicious, it can mean that we're trying to decide how to categorize it, what discussion it's part of, whether to warn for it, or whether the discussion is big enough. Or in some cases it can just mean that our compilers are busy. We try to run an efficient operation but things sometimes fall through the cracks!

(If I'm correct in guessing which post you're referring to, I believe that we've got it slated to be part of an upcoming general "-isms" linkspam.)

Right now we don't have a mechanism for letting people opt out of links, although we encourage people to lock their posts if they don't want to be part of the public discussion.

On the contrary, if you have posts that we haven't yet picked up on Delicious, do let us know! We can't be everywhere, though we try.

Hope that answered your concerns.

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