Re: whose side?

Date: 2009-10-01 12:48 am (UTC)
elf: Rainbow sparkly fairy (Default)
From: [personal profile] elf
But in world with spaces where gay authors work is devalued because of their sexuality and not given an equal space to work with compared to their straight/cis counterparts why shouldn't they?

The issue, in my mind, is not "should there be GLBT-only awards for GLBT literature." Sure, we should have those. The issue is: in the past, the Lambda awards were not for GLBT authors only. Now they are.

The Lambda awards were a spot where authors of any persuasion could be rewarded for writing excellent books about GLBT topics. Now, they are a spot for GLBT authors writing, I would hope, excellent books about GLBT topics. Former Lambda entrants who are straight, can submit their works to other venues; no problems there. (Or rather, no problems other than any other niche genre faces.)

I don't mind at all if straight-cis "original slash" authors are not winning GLBT-lit awards.

But I notice when GLBT-and-allies groups narrow their membership to GLBT only, and I don't see it as a step forward in public relations. I can see it as a reasonable step, and important creation of safe space, a way refocus on the original goals, if not original practices, of the organization, and all those might be good things.

[personal profile] kaigou says it all much better than I do.
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