Re: whose side?

Date: 2009-09-30 01:13 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
"Changing a lit award for LGBT-themed stories, to one that requires LGBT authors:" less fine. This isn't creating safe space; it's slamming doors that used to be open.

How? Maybe if you lived in ideal world where everyone and their work was treated equally I'd agree. But in world with spaces where gay authors work is devalued because of their sexuality and not given an equal space to work with compared to their straight/cis counterparts why shouldn't they? I hate hearing things like "wow look how open minded x author/actor/movie maker is for taking on lgbt themed work" while when gay authors do the same it's thought of "oh of course you would do that". Yes some might have a little trouble because of their story's theme they can easily rest on that fact that they aren't lgbt and can just say they're "expanding their horizons", "exploring" or the same annoying "open minded" comfort line I used above when it comes talking to some homophobic publishers, readers or whatever is needed to go get their story published, praised or read.

Gay authors might be told not to be "too out" with their identity for fear of alienating some people who wouldn't want to see a "gay production" but rather a one with a good degree of separate they can dissociate themselves with (Gay is icky after all - just not when I'm making money off it)*. Others might have problems with co-workers boyfriends/girlfriends or fetishizing spaces like yaoi fangirl/yuri fanboy/t-chasers where their work isn't respected as it should be.

I think this also gives a place where budding gay artist can see people who are gay and successful giving some hope and inspiration to people who believe there is no work or success in writing gay novels as a lgbt or queer person.

So at the end of the day; I don’t see this as a real restriction as much as it is widening the door for a more clearer space for queer artist to be respected and held in the same esteem their straight counterparts would get normally. And I think if people really cared that much they should show support to them or wish them the best instead of throwing fits and saying hurtful vaguely homophobic things like calling lgbt uppity or saying "all the qualified people have been left out" of the Lambada awards.

I also understand that some queer people disagree as well and I think the same thing can pretty much apply to them as well.



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