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MammothFail links

Apologies for the delay. If I've missed anything do let me know!

lady_jem: Hey, I'm only asking

ladyvorkosigan: More on the Thirteenth Child

coneycat: And furthermore... Lots of controversy over this recent YA fantasy

houseboatonstyx: The Thirteenth Child flap

holyschist: Patricia C. Wrede answers

sanguinity: Oyate fund drive
elf: Another link in the chain (Linkspam)
[personal profile] elf2009-05-21 11:17 pm
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Your linkspam is your weakness

New linkspam, plus a handful of somewhat-older posts (i.e. more than 2 days). We welcome links being dropped here. And more link-scrounger people would be very welcome.

[ profile] rosefox: "All right, all right! No need to spell it out!"

[ profile] niamh_sage: Untitled: From the latest Linkspam roundup comes RaceFail: Author versus Audience, by Joseph Robert Lewis.

[personal profile] rembrandtswife: On making art, not war

[ profile] la_marquise_de_: For the record

[ profile] anarchicq: Racefail and how it applies to my worlds.

[ profile] johncwright: PC MUST DIE (Privilege alert; read with caution)

[ profile] briansiano: You gotta be fucking kidding . (Short & pointless. Included because "archivist of the revolution" occasionally includes "archivist of the people who think the revolution is boring and pointless.")