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Jo Walton: Pioneer Fantasy: Patricia Wrede’s Thirteenth Child

[ profile] hermetic: unspeakable horror

[ profile] gryphonsegg: Gryphon's Egg and the Half-Blood Rage

[ profile] elsane: "American fantasy" without Native Americans: oh dear and oh no

[personal profile] glass_icarus: America was built on blood and bones

[personal profile] happydork: Lois McMaster Bujold makes me make sadface

[ profile] james_nicoll: About Doug Hoff's Empty America [Related]

[ profile] kynn: augh wtf

[ profile] ldragoon: The Thirteenth Child

[personal profile] quivo: Hmm

[ profile] wemblee: and the racefail continues

Deeper in the Game: Fantasy shouldn't read like a history book

[personal profile] flourish: Patricia Wrede and The Thirteenth Child: Really? REALLY?

[ profile] glass_icarus:oh my dear god, LOGIC FAIL

[ profile] ithiliana: The latest "wave" of "RaceFail"

[personal profile] melannen: On Age of Sail, American fantasy, RaceFail, and history

Paul "Jvstin" Weimer: Racefail Returns? Patricia Wrede's Thirteenth Child

[personal profile] holyschist: I hate it when favorite authors disappoint: Patricia C. Wrede's "The Thirteenth Child"

[personal profile] damned_colonial: Age of Sail fandom and antipodean racefail [Related]

[ profile] rosefox: "Standing in the English Rain"

[ profile] rushthatspeaks: an historical redux

Seeking Avalon: There's something about Tor writers

[ profile] violetisblue: untitled

[ profile] kaigou: sleeping with the status quo

[personal profile] gloss: my shame was only exceeded by my fury

[ profile] lanning: well, that's one way to avoid an issue

[personal profile] rensreality101: Like words on a chalk board...

Will S: no longer crossposting to LiveJournal

[ profile] cyphomandra: Elizabeth Knox, Dreamquake [Older but related]

A new comment by Lois McMaster Bujold

[personal profile] eisen: All I gotta say on the topic of "thirteenth child"

[personal profile] brightfame: And the Tor thread continues

[ profile] racism_101: To include or not to include slavery in historical fiction

[ profile] ithiliana: Rushthatspeaks: Historical redux

[personal profile] saramily: aw hell, patricia wrede

[personal profile] morgan_dhu: Antidote to the Empty Continent

[personal profile] sixquarters: The Thirteenth Child

[ profile] jonquil: A is not B (a Rand-free zone)

[personal profile] sami: Because I need to think about things that are differently stressful, sometimes...

[ profile] pgwfolc: The Thirteenth Tribe, LMB and Racefail
(also as [personal profile] hatman, here)

[ profile] fiction_theory: You're hurting my head again, SF/F

[personal profile] starlady: "Now you will pay the price for your lack of vision"

Patricia Wrede: Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions [Not related but potentially of interest.]

[ profile] alias_sqbr: Where are the Jews in medieval fantasy? [Old but on a parallel theme.]

[personal profile] willow: PR=Pants Redacted

[personal profile] willow: Annnd

[personal profile] hatman: Addendum to last post

[profile] sokesakuma: Ranting, ranting, ranting, racefail

[ profile] tamaranth: Alternate Histories and Real-World Insult

[personal profile] willow: The point being missed

[personal profile] morgan_dhu: Another white woman who wrote about settler culture

[personal profile] sami: Derailment Redux: Lois McMaster Bujold Hypocrisy Special Edition

[personal profile] hatman: Untitled

[personal profile] nicki: Words are important: Fiction, a game of Clue, and racefail-the-return

[ profile] zeborahnz: In which she weighs in on Thirteenth Child

[ profile] pir_anha: i see racefail is going into v2.0

[ profile] ithiliana: Personal/Political, Time/Money, Choices/Freedoms/Responsibilities

[personal profile] gavagai: well meaning white girls against cultural invisibility and colonialism

[personal profile] flourish: Wrede Redux: some clarifications of terms

[ profile] jackfirecat: D&D as RaceFail

[ profile] ithiliana: Picked up from one of the 13th Child threads

[ profile] james_nicoll: Empty Old World

[ profile] moniquill: So racefail...

[ profile] lanning: in which the privileged toss their coins

More from LMB

Avalon's Willow: Never Expect Better

K. Tempest Bradford: Dear Lois McMaster Bujold

[personal profile] morgan_dhu: She said WHAT?

[personal profile] sami: In which the History Wars go cross-continental

[personal profile] torachan: Two things about Racefail: The Colonialism Remix

[ profile] isilya: Patricia C. Wrede

[ profile] rosefox: "My head can't tolerate this bobbing and pretending"

[ profile] deadbrowalking: wild unicorn herd check in
"If you identify as a POC/nonwhite person and you read or watch scifi or fantasy, give yourself a name check in this thread. I am particularly wanting shoutouts from people who do not live in the US and who have still managed to read genre fiction."

[personal profile] bravecows: Thirteenth Child et seq

karnythia: I would make a terrible superhero girlfriend

[personal profile] happydork: More on LMB and race

[personal profile] stoneself: racefail 1.0.2: the amazing fuck up

[personal profile] stoneself: don't listen to the POC

[personal profile] carenejeans: Lions and Mammoths and Bears, oh My!

[personal profile] brightfame: How to become a PoC specific reader, in several, not-so-easy steps

[ profile] nojojojo: Online identity and activism

[ profile] glass_icarus: closing the book

[ profile] bookshop: untitled

[ profile] shadydave: More Race Fail

[ profile] kutsuwamushi: appropriate icon is inappropriate

[ profile] darkrosetiger: Dear Ms Bujold

[ profile] jesse_the_k: Mammothfail

[ profile] laura47: My biggest problem with racefail is that i think a whole lot of people felt this way...

SeeLight: Can we NOT do Racefail again, please?

[ profile] sinboy: Zombie racefail rises from the grave!

[ profile] kenakeri: Wow. So needed to see this on a Monday.

[personal profile] aquaeri: How to be complicit in Racefail

[ profile] usomitai: the cycle repeats

[ profile] heleninwales: Racefail 2.0 Thirteenth Child

[ profile] ethrosdemon: untitled

[personal profile] dancesontrains: Have your existence denied by mainstream s/f; make tea.

[personal profile] keeva: we hunted it into it's hunting US!

[ profile] sparrowinsky: untitled

[ profile] kjpepper: Wow

[ profile] delux_vivens: Starting off the week with a vehement rant

[ profile] al_zorra: Beyond Eating, And Also Appropriate As A Response To...

[personal profile] eisen: okay so i lied about having nothing else to add on the subject

[personal profile] sami: Back to Patricia Wrede and the Thirteenth Child: You Haven't Read This Post!

[ profile] sabinelagrande: There isn't enough facepalm in the New or Old Worlds

[profile] lolaranincoat: two points on the latest episode of stupid behavior among writers of science fiction

[ profile] deadbrowalking: Untitled

[ profile] deadbrowalking: It's A Day That Ends In Y Therefore We Must Have Erasure

[personal profile] sqbr: Mars=the wild west

[ profile] bruceb: The rest of us: fandom

Torque Control: Sigh

Liz Henry: MammothFail 09

[ profile] sanguinity: And The Mammoth You Rode In On

[ profile] sodzilla: My selfish whinings about RaceFail

[ profile] aycheb: History re-written by the victors

[ profile] such_heights: Untitled

[ profile] rabbitucker: What horrors have I gotten myself into?!

[personal profile] keeva: which came first, the indian or the mammoth?

[personal profile] keeva: eeerrrunnnhk!

[personal profile] ceri: Secrets of composition revealed!

Making Light: 1491 [Old but relevant]

[personal profile] nextian: no i don't know why she got all strung out on the motherland

[personal profile] snow: We Oughta Show Contrition

[personal profile] brightfame: Fixing the universe, one fanfic at a time

[ profile] kali921: I see you. I see you all, and you're wonderful

[ profile] trinityva: Controversy and Art

[ profile] gwailowrite: ah, the racefail continues on

[ profile] ethrosdemon: Untitled

SeeLight: White House Geekery

[ profile] the_drifter: Man, I love a good roll-call

[ profile] anonymous_sibyl: RaceFail

Erin Ptah: Racefail rolls on

[personal profile] spiralsheep: In which it's rarely a good thing to tell me to shut up about social justice

[personal profile] bluerabbit: I guess this is why you never put people on pedestals

[personal profile] bossymarmalade: "You people are guests in our land"

[ profile] ithiliana: Rec: "Online identity and activism"

Pam Noles: Why I'm Spending My Lunch Hour Today With The Door Closed And The Music Turned Up So My CoWorkers Can't Hear The Screaming

[ profile] ithiliana: Silencing/Oppressing/Marginalizing/Suppressing

[ profile] 2ce: More on the virtue of large RaceFails

[ profile] pir_anha: once more, with feeling

[personal profile] tablesaw: Part the First: In which I discover what is already found

[ profile] parthenia14: backing away slowly

[ profile] pir_anha: on derailment

[ profile] green_knight: The thirteenth child: personal consequences

[ profile] just_katarin: Racefail 2.0

[ profile] aubergine_pilot:This is the sound of my heart being dented.

[ profile] stephiepenguin: it's not that we don't exist, it's that you can't be bothered noticing us

[ profile] trickofthedark: Bzzzzzzt. Fail.

[personal profile] holyschist: Assorted thoughts on MammothFail '09

[personal profile] ciderpress: I think I've done enough conventions to know how to spell "Melllvar".

[personal profile] elspethdixon: When alternate history goes terribly wrong

Angry Black Woman: A Call for Creativity

K. Tempest Bradford: Tor Books: A Perspective

[ profile] 50books_poc: Recs for Indigenous/Anti-Colonialist AUs, Indigenous History, POC SFF Traditions, and More!

Lois McMaster Bujold: Bujold intersects the RaceFail conversation, briefly [Old]

[personal profile] elynross: Slowly my "buy new" (or read at all) writers list dwindles.

[personal profile] elynross: When The Thirteenth Child was in the planning stages

[personal profile] gehayi: Patricia Wrede's worldbuilding questions

Violins and Starships: It's only fantasy

The Hathor Legacy: History is erased by the victors

[ profile] paintedmaypole: and unfortunately we are just at the tip of the iceburg

[ profile] jsburbidge: Thirteenth Child's premises

[ profile] gooddamon: So apparently I've been unconscious for the last three or four months.

[ profile] lonespark: One thought on Racefail

[ profile] soupytwist: Two fails and a win

[ profile] fiction_theory: Related annoyances

Lois Bujold: correction and apology

[personal profile] sami: Mammothfail: Am I the only one who thinks that They are really trying to defend bad writing?

[personal profile] puritybrown: racefail 2: electric boogaloo

[ profile] acrimonyastraea: Mammothfail

[ profile] ricardienne: Untitled

[ profile] ladyvorkosigan: The Thirteenth Child

[ profile] kutsuwamushi: Really?

[ profile] rehd_fawx: Oh, come on

[ profile] neo_prodigy: Gauntlets thrown

[ profile] dlandon: All I'm going to say about the Thirteenth Child kerfluffle

[personal profile] keeva: Bujold speaks

[ profile] yhlee: Fallacies and fractals [Missed post from earlier]

[personal profile] coffeeandink: MammothFail

[personal profile] branchandroot: Good examples and horrible warnings

Debbie Reese: Patricia Wrede's The Thirteenth Child

[ profile] naturalblue208: "Wildly divergent history": The book I'd rather read

[ profile] unusualmusic: Please excuse me while I vomit

[ profile] skadi: Another Racefail

[ profile] sakusha: Untitled

[ profile] bachsoprano: In which I get a little hot under the collar

[ profile] fiction_theory: A small testimonial. Without the smallness.

[ profile] sdn: question

[ profile] roseembolism: *sigh* When authors should know better.

[personal profile] mecurtin: The Mammoth Fail of Why Would You Even Want That, and What I Want You to Write Instead

Violins and Starships: Follow-up to "It's Only Fantasy"

[personal profile] deepad: Staking out my stamping ground

[personal profile] brownbetty: Space: One More Imaginary Frontier

[ profile] peake: Erasure

[ profile] sasha_davidovna: RaceFail Redux

[ profile] gehayi: Racefail 2.0: A Song by Buffy Sainte-Marie

[ profile] rhfay: Freedom of Speech and Expression

Catherine Knutsson: In which I get a little hot under the collar

[ profile] gaski: Oh, apparently I have a tipping point

[ profile] kjpepper: *sigh*

[ profile] kerravongenius: Raceflail [sic] continues

[ profile] nihilistic_kid: Dope of the Day

[ profile] stele3: MammothFail: The name says it all

[ profile] sabotabby: Time for popcorn and polls

[ profile] hokuton_punch: Untitled

[ profile] unfunnybusiness: What's wrong with RaceFail?

[personal profile] valentinite: Cultural Assumptions vs Cultural Appropriations

[ profile] liyosa: Racefail: This is what I think of it

[ profile] neo_prodigy: FOC_U

Karnythia: Fen of Color United

Seeking Avalon: Honkeyshines

[ profile] xiphias: On why there are no discrete changes in alt-history

[personal profile] elynross: Racefail/Mammothfail collision

[ profile] jamiam: Dear SF/F fans of color

[ profile] bookelfe: Untitled

[ profile] tielan: *sigh*

[personal profile] loligo: on erasure

[ profile] ricardienne: Once more with (personal) feeling

[ profile] lady_schrapnell: Thirteenth Child, Patricia Wrede

[ profile] innerbrat: The Pan Narrans Approach to Science

[ profile] claws_n_stripes: You tell me what I wanna hear. I hear it all with my ears.

[ profile] telesilla: No, we aren't the freakin' Thought Police

[ profile] shadesong: Fen of Color United!

[ profile] eyebeams: Tackling the issues of the day!

SeeLight: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: How To Handle Antiracist POC Communities

[personal profile] sanguinity: American Indian Contributions to the World, Part 1 of 5. Trade, Transportation, and Welfare

[personal profile] stoicheion: Racefail II: The Mammoth Strikes Back

[personal profile] popelizbet:
the fail that does not end: of mammoths and unicorns

Chrononautic Log: Genocide by Omission

Patricia Wrede: Moving Right Along [Status of sequel as of 8 May]

[ profile] skywardprodigal: May 18, 2009 + foc_u

Kaleidoglide: MammothFail

[ profile] rednikki: Jesus Christ, RaceFail

[ profile] mrissa: Books read, early May

[ profile] red_fawx: Untitled

[ profile] beachlass: Things I want to tell you this morning

[personal profile] sanguinity: American Indian Contributions to the World, Part 2 of 5. Food, Farming, and Hunting

[personal profile] sami: Mammothfail: An explanation for the hard-of-thinking

[ profile] conuly: Everyone's going on and on about Thirteenth Child

[ profile] lady_ganesh: MammothFail: You're Soaking in It

[ profile] steepholm: Continuity in America

[ profile] 2ce: On checking yourself before you wreck yourself

[ profile] wild_irises: Remembering Where to Look

Yonmei: He who runs may Wrede

[ profile] ldragoon: MammothFail Follow Up

[ profile] wemblee: Racefail, The Next Generation: The Headdesking Continues

[ profile] ailiathena: Discomfort about Racism

[ profile] masqthephlsphr: Preempting racefail: Or, why my novel may never see the light of day

[personal profile] naraht: Intersectionality strikes again

[ profile] fight_derailing: Update on foc_u

[ profile] ithiliana: Update on FOC_U

[personal profile] inkstone: :|

[ profile] laylalawlor: The more serious and thoughtful half of the post

[ profile] rj_anderson: Writing in the Age of RaceFail

Charlotte's Library: Thirteenth Child by Patricia Wrede

[ profile] akamine_chan: RaceFail 2.0? Will it ever stop? Please?

[ profile] distaff_exile: And because there are two sides to every coin:

[ profile] ajat: It's boring me now, but then I get bored easily

[ profile] issen4: In which I don't talk about RaceFail

[ profile] lamardeuse: RaceFail 2.0: The Next Pack of Assholes

[ profile] kynn: the coverup is worse than the crime

[ profile] gehayi: A Story, and an Attempt at Empathy

[ profile] hapex_legomena foc_u: My Anger Is Not An Isolated Incident

[personal profile] holyschist: Colorblindness (and related things)

[ profile] keeva: kynnfail: fallout from foc_u

[personal profile] layla: The more serious and thoughtful half of the post

[personal profile] nicki: Venn diagrams and the social construct of Us and Them

[ profile] slashpervert: Race and Fandom

[ profile] tariq_kamal: Pretentious, Sanctimonius Rubbish On My Thoughts On MammothFail.

[personal profile] telesilla Ruth's Three Rules of Being an Ally

Scott Neigh: Sci-fi/Fantasy Fans Against Racism

[ profile] madripoor: Mammothfail

[ profile] haddayr: Fans of Color

[ profile] strangedave: All the people of different races, with different lives in different places

[ profile] delux_vivens: ownership discussion: Patricia C Wrede's The Thirteenth Child: WTF?

K. Tempest Bradford: Creative Endeavors in Honor of FOC_U

[ profile] nq3x: Racefail '09

delagar: Writing and Race

Eleanor: MammothFail

[ profile] sinboy: More on racefail

[ profile] fantasyecho: By teh Powah of the Internetz, I Compel You!

Charlotte's Library: An effort to add color to my son's book shelves

[personal profile] jjhunter: "Praise song for struggle, praise song for the day"

[ profile] shvetufae: "I" is for identity.

[ profile] kass_rants: Race Fail, my non-White ass!

[ profile] attack_laurel: Support!

[personal profile] dharma_slut: It's still Monday...

[ profile] cafecomics: Attention au mammouth ! (post is written in French)

[ profile] shemale: I haven't been using LJ a lot lately

[ profile] sabonasi: Fen of Color United

[ profile] joycemocha: Thirteenth Child, first take

[ profile] viola_canina: Race Issues : MammothFail

[ profile] distaff_exile: Cats, people, and where they cross

[ profile] moniquill: So I dropped the ball...

Monoquill at GaiaOnline: Racefail 09, Racism, and what it means for Writers

MajKai Nis is a bigot at GaiaOnline: Racial prejudice and how it affects writers.

[ profile] wingstodust: Status Update, Linkspam for MammothFail, and Shatter the Silence

[personal profile] rembrandtswife: Weighing in on MammothFail

[ profile] zhinxy: FOC_U Day of Protest: My Post, In Haste

[ profile] green_knight: The Thirteenth Child - personal consequences

[ profile] pbristow: What I did with my day.

Ben Aaronovitch: Aren't They Lovely

[ profile] niamh_sage: A bizarrely mixed offering

[ profile] reileen: #313 - Please don't ignore me - I deserve to be a geek too!

[ profile] sharrukin: The Master's Oath: Fourth Draft

[ profile] doradoradora: I'm a bit slow to the party

Drowning in Maymester: Racefail 09/Fen of Color United

KC Shaw: Step one to broaden my scope

Aqueduct Press: Mammothfail 2

Zero at the Bone: Racefail continues much as one might expect, but I had been optimistic.

[ profile] wombat1138: Ack.

James Bow: The Geography of Storytelling

[ profile] keeni85 at [ profile] foc_u: Shatter The Silence Archive Post (If you've written something for FOC_U and it’s not listed, comment there to be added.)

[personal profile] thirdblindmouse: Where Patricia Wrede is coming from

[personal profile] starlady: 'Avrope, can hang self. Or, my thoughts on Thirteenth Child.

[personal profile] sparkymonster: My thoughts on the Grand Unified POC Position on Race

[ profile] neo_prodigy: No Pass For You

[ profile] moniquill: Late to the party…

[ profile] lady_jem: Et tu, Kass?

[personal profile] keeva: "So consider your minority pass revoked."

[ profile] joycemocha: Further thoughts on Thirteenth Child

[ profile] hokuton_punch: Warning: angry white girl

[ profile] dharma_slut: On the topic of words such as; cunt, coward, snap, and slut. And the N word.

[ profile] egretplume: thinking about Phillis Wheatley

Justine Larbalestier: Invisible Audiences? Invisible to Whom?

Neesha Meminger at Racialicious: Write What You Know: Limiting or Authentic?

[personal profile] aquaeri: Genocide by removal from land

Avalon's Willow: On Banners & Controlling Space

[ profile] bruceb: A few words on selective reading (older post)

[ profile] delux_vivens at [ profile] deadbrowalking: residential schools comic.

[personal profile] dharma_slut: Why I call myself a white ally

[ profile] joycemocha: Frontier fantasy, anyone?

[ profile] lady_schrapnell: Thirteenth Child, Patricia Wrede

[ profile] sanguinity: American Indian Contributions to the World, Part 3: Medicine and Health

[ profile] sartorias: Question about how we look at text

Joseph Robert Lewis: RaceFail: Author versus audience

Goodreads listing: Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic Book) (includes comments)

[ profile] niamh_sage: Untitled: From the latest Linkspam roundup comes RaceFail: Author versus Audience, by Joseph Robert Lewis.

[personal profile] rembrandtswife: On making art, not war

[ profile] la_marquise_de_: For the record

[ profile] anarchicq: Racefail and how it applies to my worlds.

[ profile] johncwright: PC MUST DIE (Read with caution)

[ profile] briansiano: You gotta be fucking kidding . (Short & pointless. Included because "archivist of the revolution" sometimes includes "archivist of the people who think the revolution is boring and pointless.")

[ profile] marrael: Late thoughts on MammothFAIL and looking in from afar

Kalafudra: On Race and Genre Fiction

Antariksh Yatra: Some Thoughts on Writing (or not writing) the Other

[ profile] neo_prodigy: Discussion (FoC_U sexism tangent)

[personal profile] keeva: gads. the wankery leaves me speechless. (FoC_U sexism tangent)

[ profile] patgreene: Wondering...

[ profile] james_nicoll: Really stupid question (Tangential; potentially trollish. Also, privilege alert. But interesting discussion.)

[ profile] ellid: My sole post on Racefail, Mammothfail, etc. (Closed to comments.)

[ profile] gwailowrite: Why RaceFail09 and MammothFail and Avatar Whitewashing Matter to a Pasty-white, Middle-aged Gay Guy

embololalia: Links for 2009-05-20

[personal profile] badgerbag: Colonialism & SF

[personal profile] the_future_modernes: on the subject of intersectionality and practicing what I preach

[personal profile] kathmandu: Lies, Memory, and Creativity that Isn't

[ profile] technoelfie: Untitled: The whole RaceFail discussion pisses me the fuck off. (Warning for, well, title makes it pretty obvious.)

[ profile] ysabetwordsmith: Native American History -- Alive and Kicking!

[personal profile] badgerbag: Sunday panel: Something is Wrong on the Internet! (Wiscon liveblogging)

[ profile] takumashii: Wiscon: Authorial intent vs. reader response (liveblogging)

[personal profile] thingswithwings: not anon

[ profile] villeinage: They won't thank you when you're right: FAIL and the blogosphere at large (tangential at best, but related themes.)

[ profile] ndgmtlcd: 13th child by Patricia Wrede (Positive review.)

eclecticrafts: Review: Thirteenth Child by Patricia Wrede (unrelated positive review; makes no mention of racefail.)

(no subject)

Date: 2009-05-18 01:10 am (UTC)
bell: Amber in her apartment being confronted by House (sunflowers)
From: [personal profile] bell
Thank you for all your work on MammothFail; the links you've gathered have been a tremendous source. From some of your other posts, I know that it's taken its toll on you and for that I'm sorry... I'm glad to see the creation of [community profile] linkspam, it's a great idea.

You, [personal profile] rydra_wong, and other archivists are inspiring.

archivists of the revolution

Date: 2009-05-18 05:29 am (UTC)
piranha: red origami crane (Default)
From: [personal profile] piranha
thank you very much for collecting all these links, it's been a great help to me, and i appreciate it.

this new comm is a great idea. spread out the labour.

(no subject)

Date: 2009-05-18 09:33 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] keeva
I don't think this thread ever made it into the mix:

(no subject)

Date: 2009-05-18 09:35 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] keeva
(Be warned, it's epicly long -- 673 comments on the thread.)


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