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linkspam_mod ([personal profile] linkspam_mod) wrote in [community profile] linkspam2010-03-11 10:33 pm

About the disappearing linkspam.

As I'm sure some of you noticed last night there was a linkspam and then the linkspam was gone. Briefly, we messed up and the linkspam will not be reappearing.

In order to protect the main person involved as much as possible at this late point in time the explanation is going to be a little vague and possibly won't make much sense unless you saw the now gone linkspam. I'm sorry about that but other considerations are more important in this case.

The reason why the linkspam was retracted is that the posts in the linkspam used as a starting point an experience of an individual. The individual concerned was both being hurt by the way their experience was being used and by the information being spread more broadly across the internet.

As linkspam is a means of dissemination of information once we knew that the linkspam was actively harming a member of the community we could not in good conscience leave it up. Hence the removal of the linkspam and we cannot include in future linkspams links that talk about the specific events concerned or that have it as a major theme within their comments.

All of the linkspam mods would like to apologise for the distress caused to the individual involved.