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[ profile] 51stcenturyfox: Huh.

Uh... you do... realise that in fanfiction you can write female characters better and write them into healthy, hot, sex-positive relationships even if those don't exist in the source material, right? This is not really more farfetched than a story about two canonically straight guys falling in love with each other and running through a field of daisies and fucking all over desks and spaceships and getting m-pregnant?
"Badly-written in canon" hasn't stopped slash writers from giving any given (hot, natch) male character with two lines a vibrant back story and sexxins by writers. Nobody has to write female characters or het or femslash, and liking given male characters better than the female ones is of course up to the individual fan, but fic writers routinely FIX holes in canon:

[ profile] merrykk: [Warning for comments: Use of ableist language] Female Space and fandom - I'm not hearing the same words

If I’m looking at the world in gender-binary terms, there has to be a default, and in my view, it’s female. Male isn’t unnatural, or alien, or lesser, or any of those negative terms; it’s simply not default. Along with that idea comes a variation of the Mother Earth idea, though stripped of spiritual or religious sensibilities. If female is the default, then male comes from female in a sense. And so in that case, “female space” in my mind represents most of the world. Men live in and shape the world just as much, but women bring it into being by being default, automatic, somehow. I suppose this could be considered sexist, but I don’t see a way to remove the idea that there is no neutral when it comes to being (as opposite living, or role choice, which can be neutral).

[ profile] acrimonyastraea: We're all Doing It Wrong (except for me) [Part of series]

Instead of just complaining, I want to look closer at some of those reasons from a feminist perspective, keeping in mind that yes, internalized sexism is a real thing but also that sexism in the media and in the creation of female characters is a real thing, too. And also that women are individuals living in a patriarchal culture and we all will have different experiences and ways of coping with this reality.

skud @ Geek Feminism: On LambdaFail, women writing m/m erotica, and the queerness and/or misogyny of slash fandom

So, fandom being fandom, and things being always more complicated, the discussion coming out of this is pretty crunchy. Some of the questions/themes I’ve seen covered include:
Does romance/erotica ignore or erase difficult issues (eg. discrimination, oppression), and should we care? Or does escapism get a free pass?
Do fanfic writers have a duty to write the other respectfully and realistically when the “other” in question is gay men/MSM? How do we do this?
Why don’t fanfic writers write about female characters, anyway? Is this internalised misogyny?

[ profile] freifraufischer: [Entry has been locked] Slash and Women and Metafandom Discussions

If you are straight, I welcome your support in helping to secure my civil rights. But don't believe that simply by writing fan fic about two men having sex you are acting as my ally. If you want to express your support for gay men, try doing something for gay men. Not for yourself.

[ profile] calicokat: I've been trying to figure out if I have

I've been trying to figure out if I have anything to say on the whole "slash contributes to the erasure of women" debate and I think, mostly, I'd like to say it doesn't really have to, and I also know a lot of people on myflist are already well aware of that.

[ profile] meri_sefket: One Fan's Experience

Self-examination is good. I learned a long time ago that if I feel defensive of anything it's time to step back and take a long hard look at myself and my activities. Sometimes I'm just angry and need to let it go, but sometimes there's something there I'm unwilling to look at and someone is pointing their finger right at it. This practice has made me a better activist and a better ally in real life and online.

[ profile] tielan: on snowflakes and snowdrifts

What's my point? You can make choices for perfectly good, utterly rational, and totally unique reasons, and still be part of a bigger problem.

[ profile] freifraufischer:[Entry has been locked] [Warning for comments:EDITED straight privilege (at the request of several affected readers) biphobia but is challenged]Femslash and the Lesbian Experiance. Or rather my lesbian experiance.

In my experience and as I percieve it, the majority of femslash is written either by lesbians, or bisexual women.

[ profile] jerico_cacaw: [365days: Day 23] It's a woman ...

Self, why don't you write women?
Seriously, I hadn't realized the lack of female characters in my fanfic. I'd like to say it relates to my genderless-ish issues, but that wouldn't explain why I mainly read slash, then male-centered gen, then male-centered het, and never ever femslash. :(.

[ profile] kookiety: Can't Buy My Love

I do not always like the fictional women.
Political correctness or sense of obligation, bonds of sisterhood, whatever it is - let me fling it out of the window - I do not like all the women in fiction. But the minute I say it I shall be devoured byfangirls who are attempting to be feminists and yadaya - I'd rather keep my mouth shut and nod and politely ignore.

[ profile] inmyriadbits: whoops that got long and thinky about women and stories. Plus meme

I've been seeing a lot of posts and discussions recently about writing female characters in fanfic. There are too many for me to address specifically, but it seems to boil down to what it always tends to in fandom: there are a lot of people out there, each with their own backgrounds and reasons and hang-ups and issues. Oh, fandom. And as usual, my reaction tends to be: whatever you do, it's usually a bad idea to let fear or anticipation of other people's opinions control your actions, especially when those opinions prevent you from creating things. Others' opinions expanding your worldview and inspiring you to take action is one thing; beingguilted or pressured into action is something else.

[ profile] acrimonyastraea: Part 1 There aren't enough interesting women to write about [Part of series]

Are there awesome women in TV and movies that many women relate to and feel inspired by? Yeah, I have many favorites. How many of them are written in such a way that I never feel yanked out of the story by the reminder that This Is Probably A Man Writing a Woman? Precious few. So I think the accusation of internalized sexism against women for not finding more female characterswonderous and inspiring is something that shouldn't be flung around so easily when many of those characters remain fraught with sexist stereotypes/tropes/storylines.

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