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[personal profile] noracharles On the accessibility of fandom fests

This is a post about the accessibility of fandom fests for people with social anxieties.

[personal profile] noracharles A clarification for the privileged

When you use mental health to judge who are right and who are wrong in a disagreement, you are not just arguing for your opinion, you are also contributing to the oppression of all people with mental health issues (including those who agree with you about the matter at hand).

[personal profile] toft long necks, deep holes [Most relevant discussion in comments... continuation of discussion started by merricatk and noracharles.]

[personal profile] toft Ableist Rhetoric

As you'll see if you look back at this post, I've edited it in response to a good point made by noracharles about ableist rhetoric surrounding the YT [Yuletide] move, of which merricatk's post has become a focus.

[livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon Accessibility

Over at dreamwidth, [personal profile] noracharles posts 'On the accessibility of fandom fests'] - a short essay on the ramifications of social anxiety as it relates to participation in fandom.

Cultural Appropriation, Religion

Avalon's Willow @ Seeking Avalon: People of Colour SF Carnival: State of...

As stated before: I Want To Have A Conversation.

A certain type of conversation, this is true. It's THE CONVERSATION I WANT TO HAVE and the PoC In SF Carnival, as it was in 2008, doesn't quite fit.

[personal profile] tevere Yuletide story: This Sweet and Bitter Orange Mood (Inspector Chen series)

That said-- with no criticism intended of my Yuletide recipient, or of other fans of the series (including those who left wonderful, thoughtful feedback on my story), I have to say: as a mixed-race member of the Chinese diaspora, I find the series deeply, deeply frustrating. Don't get me wrong: I love the idea of fiction based on Chinese mythology, traditional beliefs and religion-- it's what made me hunt down the series in the first place and start reading with such glee. Fantasy novels! Set in Asia! About Chinese people!

...Except, as it turns out, not so much about Chinese people.

Avalon's Willow @ Seeking_Avalon: Jumping Right In : The Detective Chen Series by Liz Williams?

Are there two editions? One British the other American?

If so, has the American version removed Chinese names for people, institutions, instruments and tools thus leaving a book full of Chinese Dressing and little else?....Is the Dumbing Of America along with a Big Ego and Demand For Cultural Dominance preventing me from being able to have THE CONVERSATION(s) I WANT TO HAVE? Is it stifling things at the seeming SOURCE?

Because I admit, this is not a perspective I previously explored.

[livejournal.com profile] ithiliana Praise the Lord and Pass the......YOGA???

Gacked from a friend in a locked post so no name given: Praise Moves! Yoga with the Evil Eastern Influences Stripped Away.

AKA: Cultural appropriation.

[personal profile] deepad PSA: (One way) To Not Look Like an Offensive Jackass

When I see an acknowledgment page or bibliography of a book that cites only colonial sources and White authors for information about Asian, Africanist, Native and Latin American and Indigenous Australian cultures and religions, I know that it is a book that is untrustworthy. And moreover, depending on how recent the date of publication is, I feel a certain repelled contempt for the author.

[personal profile] jadelennox Why Talking About These Things Is Awesome

I can't prove it and I'm too lazy to run numbers, but I feel like I saw many more stories featuring characters of color in this year's Yuletide than in previous years. Many of the authors didn't use tags indicating that (hmm, I wonder if bookmark tagging with tags I think are missing will make them show up in tag searches?) but I came across plenty of characters of color and characters from non-Christian religious backgrounds. I can't help but think this is an outgrowth of a year's worth of conversations about race.

[personal profile] sqbr Drawing the Other

I've encountered a lot of talk about writing The Other, trying to be inclusive and respectful when writing characters who are outside the "default" of white straight able-bodied male etc. I've pondered this with regards to my own (small amount of) writing, but about a year ago had the sudden realisation that it applied to my art too...

Stereotypes in Media

[personal profile] beccaelizabeth Triffids

I recorded the Triffids thing on BBC1. Then I read the forteana list ripping it to pieces, so my expectations in terms of plot and matching the source text were very low.

Ashley @ Astralis near life experience: being conscious of -isms totally ruins pop culture for me

This all could have been forgiven with their penance being their brilliant visuals had the movie not been so prejudiced and extraordinarily condescending. Sexism? Ableism? Racism? Congratulations, James Cameron, you hit all three!

meloukhia @ FWD/Forward Let’s Talk Jake Sully and Disability

I have a lot of thoughts about this clip and about how Worthington views the character of Jake Sully, but I thought I would open the floor to y’all first, and then share my thoughts.

How do you think Worthington thinks about disability, and Sully’s disability in particular?

What do you think that this clip and other promotional materials for Avatar are saying about disability?

If you’ve seen Avatar, do you think that Worthington’s attitudes about disability as seen/heard in this clip play through in the film? Has seeing/listening to this clip/reading the transcript changed the way you think about the film and Jake Sully (whether or not you’ve seen it)?

meloukhia @ This Ain't Livin' Whedon’s Brunettes

This recurring character perturbs me. I don’t like that the brunettes all seem to need to be rescued. I don’t like that they are all clearly mentally ill, and depicted in a way which I think is rather damaging for women with mental illness. They don’t need treatment, or an acknowledgment of what is happening in their brains, they just need some men around to protect and help them! They may be mentally ill and fragile and damaged, but watch out, they are also deadly and dangerous! And, in the end, they will all suffer because of who they are; they are not allowed to live rich, independent, happy lives.


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