Jan. 3rd, 2010

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A reader has asked why we are planning to use a single Linkspam_Mod account to post in Linkspam as opposed to different members of team posting under their usernames.

The volunteer team discussed that issue at some length in the early stages of the hiatus because there was no agreement on the utility of the single mod account, especially given how it goes against a lot of the practices in LJ/DW fandom.

Here is a brief overview of the issues we discussed and the results:

1)Each linkspam itself will be the result of multiple workers and so accountability for fail in the linkspam rests at the VERY least with all the people who worked on the linkspam ; not just the individual who submitted the post; and ideologically the fault/fail lies with the whole linkspam team. So, each linkspam is the work of a collective hence the single account.

2)A lot of us if not all of us are uneasy about potential lack of individual accountability this collective holding of responsibility creates. After all, we will probably all mess up both as a team on the whole and individually. The mod account let's people call on linkspam as a whole to do better but it does make it harder for people to hold us each responsible for our individual failings. In essence the comm has to rely on the other mods and advisory board to hold individual mods to account behind closed doors. I suppose there is a question of is that good enough?

3)The single account does come with some practical benefits as well as some limitations (only one of us can be logged in at any point), such as multiple people being able to fix a problem when it emerges.

4) It feels weird not to see people posting with their own names.

Essentially, we went with 1 outweighs 2 as a consideration with 3 and 4 being really irrelevant to the discussion.

Behind the cut are the comments made by various mods, chronologically arranged (leaving out two or three short "agree/disagree" comments), showing the team thinking on the issue. The only thing that has been changed is leaving names off and changing names referenced as hypothetical examples.

We welcome community feedback and are open to the possibility of changing the policy.

The line breaks show the shift to a different volunteer's comment.

Discussion on question of single Mod account )


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