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[personal profile] carmarthen: That discussion about m/m fiction and appropriation...
A lot of people seem to be drawing a hard line between porn/erotica/romance and "everything else." The former is somehow not as valid a literary form or something. Which bugs me, because sex is hugely important to a lot of people. Good sex scenes aren't devoid of character, they continue characterization. GoodPWPs still exhibit characterization. We exhibit aspects of ourselves in sexuality and romance that we don't exhibit in other places. Explicit sexual depictions can be just as artistic and meaningful as stories with no sex in them at all.

[personal profile] qwertyuiop: I'm in your fandom queering up your het...
So what category allows me to get what I want and what I am looking for? Het.
But said, I am a lesbian and writing and reading and shipping het does not change that fact, and it also makes the het side of fandom extremely uncomfortable, unsafe, and painful quite a bit of times particularly when het writing/reading/shipping people get on the defensive. It also make a lot of brands of fic positively unreadable for me.

[ profile] stoneself: as below, so above: where is the m/m debate going?
[LJ post with different comments than DW linked in #6]
when msm write about msm experiences, it's about us msm.
when you women write about msm experiences, is it about us msm? or is about you women?
if it's about us msm, how?
if it's about you women, how?

[personal profile] stoneself: closing for now on slash fail
harm to msm occurs in m/m.
the question is what to do after that.

[personal profile] duskpeterson: The m/m fiction versus gay fiction battle
As for women versus men? Straight versus gay? Not gonna go there.
So I'm a bit uncomfortable with this drawing of battle lines between genres and between genders and between sexual orientations, as though all of us belonged on one side or the other. I don't want to have to stop being this, just in order to be able to be part of this.

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