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Jeff VanderMeer @ Booklife: Booklife on Support For Your Writing
There’s been a lot of discussion about fiction by women, special issues of fiction by women, feminist criticism, and possible disparities in the number of submissions by men versus women. It may seem like a tangent, but I think portions of this section of Booklife pertaining to the support of your partner or friends are relevant to the conversation.

Rachel Swirsky @ Big Other: "We know he's busy but why didn't she clean the house?"
There are any number of ways that systemic sexism interferes with women’s careers, but one of the most direct is time. Time spent on housework is time not spent on writing. Time spent on hair and clothes and makeup is time not spent on writing. If women put in more of this time (and overall in America, they do), then that’s fewer woman-hours that are available for writing stories. When we start to address unequal representation in magazines, it’s important to ask questions on the editorial level, the content level, the submissions level, and so on — but it’s also important to interrogate the gendered ways in which sexism blocks opportunities for writing to occur in the first place.

Jeff VanderMeer @ Ecstatic Days: Gender Roles and Writing
[Further discussion on the VanderMeer and Swirsky posts].

[ profile] celestineangel: [Warning: Straight White Privilege ETA: warning refers to comments /ETA] [Writing] Sort of writing-related, but not really, but yeah....
So I was thinking, and thinking about the gender issues. As in, anthologies containing stories only by males (white males, usually, but my thoughts were specifically about gender, not race), or lists of "the best of" featuring 99% male authors, and even Realms of Fantasy's intention on an all-female issue in 2011.
And I thought about the possibility of a semi-anonymous anthology, where perhaps the names of the authors are listed, but listed separately from the titles of the stories in the Table of Contents, and not attached to the stories at all.

[personal profile] deepad James Cameron's Avatar Link Round Up
[As described above...]

[personal profile] stoneself about avatar re: genocide
i think the subtext of avatar is going over the head of most white people. to those who see, they see the genocide of the "new world" by the "old" being retold. and most of those who see, they see the subtext as text. but i have had conversations where the subtext has just gone whoosh! over people's heads.

smashboredom @ debunkingwhite: [Warning: White Privilege in Comments] The Holocaust We Will Not See
[Discussion of article on Avatar in comments.]

[profile] anarchiq: [Warning: White Privileged and Derailing] I hope I don't regret writing this post
Look, yes, Racism is bad. *isms at all are bad, but they happen. And there will always be people who don’t care. Because of this, *isms won’t go away. It also won’t go away because you keep bringing it up.

[profile] sbqr: The Na'vi attitude to disability in Avatar
But watching the movie I started wondering about whether or not the Na'vi were actually any better about disability than the military. Sure, Jake is treated a lot better by them, but his avatar is able-bodied. How would they have treated him if he was paraplegic in his Na'vi form too?

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