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I've been asked (told?) to step down as mod of [community profile] linkspam.
[personal profile] hl is willing to help, but has limited time right now.
[personal profile] haunted has said s/he'd be willing to help, but won't deal with me.

Thats, um, it for volunteers that I know of.

This is either a call for volunteers, or a call for a vote of confidence, or both. If I'm too wanky to do this right, I'll stop. I'm potentially willing to change, but my detractors can verify that I've got weird button issues and I don't take to change smoothly. (Some might say I'm not actually willing to change.)

Available on request: the Lambda links doc I've assembled (in .doc or .rtf format),
a brief description of how I find & format links,
use of the "linkspam" icon (if anyone cares)
a promise that I'll edit the masterpost(s) with other people's updates, if requested.

Not available:
A promise I won't comment on posts I link to,
Changing the name or other details about the comm, and continuing on as I've been doing,
A confession of guilt.

Certainly, there should be more variety here. It shouldn't be all me; I'm biased in a number of directions. The choice, however, may be between short-term linkspammers who hit burnout after one event, or people who are thick-skinned and abrasive enough to not mind putting themselves in the midst of drama.

Now: I'm going to have dinner with my family & friends, and may not be back online tonight. I'll check in in the morning before work, but I don't have access to the journalsphere during the workday.
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